Essay Advantages And Disadvantages Of Private Schools

Private schools have an edge over the government schools because they work hard and their concerted efforts help the student to get good grades and students also learn basic etiquettes and ways of socialization as well. Every child gets proper attention of teachers and can ask for help from the teachers. People also prefer their children to attend private schools; different advantages of private schools are discussed in this article.

  1. The teachers in private schools are dedicated and professional

This is the main advantage of private schools. All the teachers are well educated and hold teaching certifications and diplomas. They treat all the students equally and pay attention to all the students of the class. The teachers of private schools communicate with all the students in a polite way and students also learn in a relaxed environment.

  1. Private schools have improved academic opportunities

There are different educational courses and programs are being offered to students in private schools which help them grown and learn in a nice way. There are extracurricular activities, internal diploma programs and gifted programs which train students for their professional life. The students of private schools are good at general knowledge and lead a memorable student life.

  1. The students of private schools are confident

Every student gets equal representation in private schools which boost their confidence and self-esteem. These students take an active part in debate competitions and other activities. Their communication skills are highly developed and they are quite expressive because of the nice environment of private schools. Students of private schools are always encouraged by their teachers whenever they come up with innovative ideas or participate in classroom activities, therefore; they have high self-esteem and are quite confident.

  1. Smaller classes of private schools are easy to handle

There are smaller class of private schools and that’s why teachers can easily handle their students. Teachers make portfolios of each student that contain their scores of education and other extracurricular activities. These portfolios help students to work hard to improve their grades and students compete for their class mates in a positive manner.

  1. Frequent parents teacher meetings keep parents aware of their children

There are frequent parents teachers meetings in the private schools which keep parents aware of their children’s educational record and they also get to know the behavior of their kids in schools. The parental involvements also help teachers to formulate policies and plans for each student independently.

  1. Private schools have no security issues

Parents feel safe by sending their children to private schools. They have the latest security system which ensures the safe environment of the school. People are screened properly before entering the schools.

These are some of the benefits of private schools. The teachers are professional and encourage the student to learn and grow. Each student is being monitored independently and records are maintained. The students of private schools are confident with well-groomed and cultured personalities. These students also get better professional chances in future.

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Private Schools vs. Public Schools Essay

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Plato said, "You must train the children to their studies in a playful manner, and without any air of constraint, with the further object of discerning more readily the natural bent of their respective characters" (Plato). Education has increased as a topic of conversation among parents in America today. The importance of a good education has increased in value, and parents are searching for the best possible school for their child in preparation for college. Many believe the most opportune way for their child to succeed in studies is by attending a private school. On the other hand, another group of parents thinks that public schools are the better route. Nevertheless, public schools have been proven to be more successful in the…show more content…

Students have a greater chance of excelling in grade school and beyond with more qualified teachers. Obviously, private schools are at a disadvantage. Without the leadership of competent, experienced teachers, a student's academic achievement is considerably limited.

Another form of advantage for public school students is the sources of funding. Public schools are funded by federal, state, and local funds. In contrast, private schools receive their main funding support from tuition paid by the parents of the child. This is an awkward contrast, however, since tuition only pays for a portion of the total expenditures of a child's education. Again, private schools are forced to limit their student's academic ability due to another limiting cause, monetary constraints. Public students would never have to worry about this problem since they receive government funding. It would relieve the parents from worrying about the burden of funding their child's education.

Public schools also offer a larger outlet for extracurricular activities. Numerous clubs are offered through thousands of public schools due to the size and demand of certain clubs and activities. Private schools have a hard time equaling the number of extracurricular activities offered by public schools due to reasons including financial support, demand, number of students, and capable student sponsors. This is a detrimental drawback to private schools since schools of higher education

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