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Satire is dead as Britain First republish our satirical Jeremy Corbyn article word-for-word

What is real life anymore?

It is often said of Armando Iannucci's brilliant The Thick Of It series that there is simply no point in any fresh episodes, as real life politics is now beyond parody and quite ridiculous enough. After the events of the past few days, we are inclined to agree. It seems that stupidity and nonsense in the realm of modern politics knows no bounds.

Our own pixellated Pisstaker-in-Chief hrtbps found the faux outrage exhibited by the likes of the Sun and the Express about Jeremy Corbyn's Glastonbury appearance ripe for parody. They were livid that the Labour leader had somehow snubbed our brave troops on Armed Forces Day, in favour of larging it at Glasto - despite this tweet:

Our hrtbps scribed a short but deliciously caustic piece parroting the right-wing rage, and in doing so showed precisely why their mock fury was so idiotic, misleading and misplaced. You can read the piece here:

Now it was clearly written in jest, but we knew the headline would catch a few bites from the type of people who express their outrage about articles before actually reading them. That said, we were certain that most of those who would actually click through and read the thing would realise it was satire.

The intention was not so much to fish for complaints but to highlight the idiocy of sections of the media.

This was clearly lost of some readers, often to amusing effect. There were passionate Corbynites getting their fair trade underwear in a twist over a piece of satire not aimed at their 'absolute boy'. But far more amusingly, another group took the piece very much on face value - Britain First.

That's right, the very very far-right outfit that was born of BNP stock and decided to learn photoshop extremely badly, were so enamoured with what they saw as expertly executed Jezzer bashing that they decided to nab it - and stick it on their website as their own work...

Such was the irony of a reactionary group of right-wing morons stealing an article poking fun at a reactionary group of right-wing morons, that our followers couldn't quite believe what was going on. In fact they had to double-check that it was all really happening...

Senior members of the essentially neo-fascist outfit were keen to share the plagiarised piece, such was their immense pride in the not-their-own work. Paul Golding, Leader of Britain First and 'lifelong #patriot', was keen to get the message out there...

As was Jayda Fransen, his able deputy and fellow truth-talker...

Of course, rascal that he is, hrtbps found the adoption of his work by exactly the type of opportunistic idiots he was mocking absolutely hilarious, but he felt it his duty to set the record straight and inform both Golding and Fransen that they had been well and truly had...

Despite the heads up, at the time of writing, the pilfered article and both tweets remain proud and unbowed. Absolute scenes.

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Well done everyone.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Glastonbury takeover on June 24 was a momentous day. He introduced Run the Jewels to the Pyramid Stage, poured pints backstage, signed someone’s shoe, and made it very clear that under no circumstances would he do anything as irresponsible as run through a field of wheat. For the youth, it was an inspiring occasion, where a political leader finally looked like they spoke for those who mattered. And even for non-Corbynites, seeing over 100,000 people turn up to watch him speak was pretty significant.

But as is always the case, there remained a faction of naysayers. Some said by turning up to Glasto, he shockingly ignored Armed Forces Day (he didn’t). Others said he was speaking to a bunch of posh Glastonbury-goers (he wasn’t). Yesterday (June 26), reliably hilarious tweeter @hrtbps took matters into his own hands and parodied those opinions. He wrote a satirical blog on Joe titled ‘Why Jeremy Corbyn is a disgrace for choosing Glastonbury over Armed Forces Day’. Even for those who don’t know that @hrtbps is resolutely anti-anything Tory, Daily Mail and far-right, it was easy to recognise this as a spoof opinion piece. Calling Corbyn a “noted soldier-hater and disgusting peacenik”, he moans of how dastardly Corbz “SNUBBED Our Brave Boys and Girls (soldiers).”

But shortly after this piece went viral, the not-especially-level-headed Britain First group put @hrtbps’ piece on their site. It was a word-for-word replication. For those who don’t know Britain First, they’re a daft bunch of racists. Their motto is “TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK”, but they don’t specify from where exactly – the shops? A two-week holiday in Ibiza? They’re exactly the kind of people this initial piece was taking the piss out off.

Britain First have since removed the article from their site, but the URL still exists, and @hrtbps nabbed a screengrab.

So if you ever needed proof that the hate-spouting, pro-UK mob were nothing but reactionary idiots who simply cannot stifle their inner hatred of other religions and races, this was it. Well done everyone. Keep fighting the good fight.

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