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For the first time ever, UPCAT will have an essay as an addition to the mulple-choice questions. Here are the three questions for the essay of today’s UPCAT:

  • If your crush says that he/she loves you, will you say you love him/her, too?
  • Narrate the conversation when you encounter an alien.
  • What is the thing that you often do?

I know, it seems like a joke, a very funny one, but those really were the questions according to UPCAT takers. I’m guessing that there’ll be a different set of questions for tomorrow’s UPCAT but I think it will be as random as today’s.

At first, you might scratch your head and ask yourself why would they ask such questions (ano ito, PBB teens?) but you don’t really have to take it very seriously. And do not complain and say that the questions are too shallow; trust me, you don’t really want a REAL UP question for an essay that will affect your chance of getting in to the university, you might just cry. 😛 Think of it as just a random question and answer it like you would answer other random questions. Usually, essays on college entrance exams are just a tool to measure your writing skills. So don’t whack your brain trying to think of facts to support your answer. I mean, look at the questions, they’re not really that serious. Answer the question directly, elaborate on your answer but still stick to your point, be clear, use the right words (you won’t impress anyone by using highfalutin words in a wrong context), and mind your grammar.

For those who took the UPCAT today, cheers! To those taking the UPCAT tomorrow, good luck! 🙂


Read UPCAT 2013 to see the other questions asked in the actual exam.

Like this:



When I was a child, I used to imagine what college life would be. At my young age, I already have plans for my future. I used to dream to be an accountant someday. Why? Because that is what my father want me to be. Until I reached high school when suddenly I realized that I don’t have to base my career on what others want me to be. Because my ultimate goal in life is: TO BE WHAT I WANT TO BE.

The first stepping stone in reaching my dream is to enter a good college university. But for me, good isn’t enough because I always want the BEST. We all know that the best university would always be U.P. But I never knew that to enter U.P. would be the most difficult obstacle I have to overcome. So, do you know how can you enter this prestigious university? That is to pass the U.P. College Admission Test commonly known as UPCAT. Here are some steps I will follow to pass the upcoming test.

The first factor would always be having strong faith in God. We all know that all things are possible through Christ. Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” There is no obstacle that we wouldn’t overcome if we believe in HIM. Have faith and you’ll pass the UPCAT. The second is choosing the best review center. Before, I don’t really care about others saying “Enroll here and you’ll pass the UPCAT”. For me, enrolling in a review center would be a waste of time, effort and money. I always believe in my own ability. I used to believe that I can conquer the UPCAT even without the help of anyone. But I realized that it was all wrong. I can’t survive it myself alone. So I started researching on what is the best review center to pass the UPCAT. I keep “googling” it and the search results would always say: Brain Train Review Center. Before, I don’t really believe it until I checked their website and I’ve seen a lot of proofs and testimonies. Why do I say so? I have set my standards in choosing the best review center. I have checked the large number of UPCAT passers who came from Brain Train. I have heard from the many that their teachers and mentors have outstanding credential which is a big advantage for every reviewee. I have checked also their stability in this business which leads them to several years of quality service and continued patronage form the majority of the students. With that I can really say that they deserve to be called as the best review center. I knew that all the students in our school who passed the UPCAT didn’t take chances; they took the BRAIN TRAIN Advantage.

After choosing a review center, next step is to maintain a positive mental attitude. Be optimistic and always believe in yourself. Out of all the 70,000+ UPCAT takers only 12,000+ of them would be lucky enough to be called as “ISKOLAR NG BAYAN”. Yes, obviously the majority of UPCAT passers definitely got the “brains”. But UPCAT isn’t just a battle of the brains but also a battle of self-confidence. We should always remember: BELIEVE and you will SUCCEED. You must always keep in mind: I can pass the UPCAT. If others can, of course you can!

Another thing is always keep the courage. As the saying goes, “If you lose money, you lose much. If you lose a friend, you lose more. But if you lose courage, you lose all!” Anxiety is the number one killer in any written test. You need not only develop your self-confidence in taking the UPCAT but also your bravery to face and undergo the rigid preparation. Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” But you should also remember, overconfidence may lead to the loss of courage. Set aside your pride because all you need is perseverance, determination and hardwork for you to survive UPCAT.

That is how I plan to conquer the UPCAT. The first step is having faith in God. Second is to choose the best review center. And the last is believe in yourself and always have the courage and self-confidence. Through following all these steps, I believe that I will pass the UPCAT. But to fail the UPCAT doesn’t mean of the end of the world for me. I know there’s a deeper meaning behind it. I do believe that “If God closes a door; He will open a new window.” All we have to do is to wait for God’s perfect timing.

God bless us all!


UPCAT Essay by:
Andrea Conopio


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