Thesis Statement For Antigone Civil Disobedience

IUF 1000 WHAT IS THE GOOD LIFE?Lecture T TH 3 (NRM 137) FALL 2016 Dr. David Hackett ESSAY INSTRUCTIONS Writing and Submission Requirement Length: 1,000-1,250 words, not including the Works Cited Section. Format: MLA Style (see MLA handout in the Writing Resources folder in Canvas). 12-point Times font, double-spaced, one-inch margins, name and date, paginated. Submission: Submit the assignment electronically as an attachment through Assignments in E-Learning in Word format (.doc or .docx) by 8:00 AM on Monday, October 31. Essay Prompt Both Antigone and Martin Luther King Jr. engage in civil disobedience. They violate laws that they believe are unjust in order to help people and are willing to suffer the consequences for their actions. In other words, they believe a higher good requires them to disobey specific laws, but this does not make them lawless. Yet despite these similarities, they carry out civil disobedience in very different ways. Explain the differences between Antigone and King’s views on civil disobedience and the different means they use to achieve their ends. Organization and Format Introduction Explain what you going to prove or show about the Antigoneand “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” [i.e., Thesis Statement]. Your thesis statement needs to be specific and concrete (e.g., “Although Antigone and Martin Luther King Jr. both violate the laws of the land in order to help others, they carry out civil disobedience in very different ways. Antigone is unable to separate the unjust laws from the people who enforce them. Martin Luther King Jr., by contrast, recognizes the harm that the unjust laws do to the people who believe in them.”) Avoid statements that are general and sweeping (e.g., “Antigone and Martin Luther King show that we should not let anyone stop us from following our dreams.” Is such a claim really true? Are all dreams good? Should all dreams be followed?) Body Prove what you say you are going to do [Thesis Statement]. oAvoid introducing extraneous and tangential material that does not support your argument. oRemain focused on your topic and thesis statement. Support your argument with evidence from the readings which you either quote (verbatim) or paraphrase (i.e., using your own words to summarize the main points of the reading). oDo not simply state what you believe.

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