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Friends are extremely important and friendship is a major part of our lives. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that friends are awesome. Having friends is similar to having family. During the good times and the bad, through thick and thin, your best friends are there for you. They are the people that you can count on in your greatest time of need. They can help you in times of trouble, and be there to enjoy and share the great parts of your life too. Our friends are the people we can rely on to give us the much needed support and comfort that we all seek in life. Knowing that you have friends is a wonderful feeling but something that we learn a lot about us as we get older is our two types of friends. There are various types of friends.

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There are friends that are very great and have friendships that have great depth and longevity, and there are also some friends that are not that good in keeping relationships and only have friendships that are only short-lived and somewhat superficial but time cannot always tell whether that friend is real or not. So what really are the two types of friends? These two types of friends are our “so called friends” or fake friends and our real friends. According to the Urban Dictionary, a fake friend is someone who only acts as your friend when they require a service from you.

A fake friend is someone who uses you, talks to you even though they don’t like you and they only talk to you to damage your social life. Fake friends can be very jealous and insecure and they talk behind your back without regrets. On the other hand, a real friend is someone who is always by your side and has a special place in your heart. Real friends are always there to protect and defend you; they are the people who always believe you when no one else believes in you.

Sometimes, it is hard to differentiate our fake friends from our true friends. It takes time to know their differences. So, in order to differentiate them, you must know their similarities and differences. Fake: Asks for favors often, but never offers to do favors for you. In fact, they may refuse or feel burdened if they do anything for you Real: Will offer to help before you even ask and if you do ask, they help out, willingly and without resentment

Fake: Talks about you behind your back Real: If they have a problem with you, they discuss it, face to face, and in a respectful and mature manner.

Fake: One-dimensional. They see only their needs and is oblivious to needs of others. They often use you as a sounding board and you rarely get a word in. Real: They are in-tune enough to sense your pain, your needs and are supportive. They are the type who listens attentively and with concern and interest. Each of you will have your time to vent and be heard. It won’t be one-sided as it is with a fake friend.

Fake: Full of excuses for why they have no time for you – often only coming around when they want something and that something isn’t YOU Real: Wants to make time for you because they genuinely enjoy being with you and “choose” to nurture the friendship

Fake: Their actions don’t back up their words. Promises are often broken and you can’t trust much of what they say or do. You never really get to know who they are because they wear a mask of deception. Real: Their actions are proportionate to their words, instilling trust and dependability. They are the first person you think of where trust is concerned. You know them in depth because they have opened up in a way that allows you to know and trust them.

Fake: Makes fun of your imperfections, passing their words off as a joke Real: Overlooks your imperfections and if you choose to improve yourself, they are encouraging and supportive. They may even join in.

Fake: Will try to lead you down a destructive path Real: Will encourage you to go down a constructive path. They will be by your side as you do.

Fake: Will drain your energy dry, often causing you stress in their presence. Real: Will enhance your energy and make you feel more alive.

Fake: Cuts you down quite frequently. You begin to wonder if they are jealous or very insecure. Real: Builds you up and acknowledges your accomplishments, no matter how small. They are happy about good things happening to you as if they were happening to them. They aren’t jealous, but encouraging.

Fake: You feel like running from Real: You feel like running to


August 16, 2010

Ya’ll know that I’ve written about friendship before, but this time I’m gunna talk about the people…not the act.

What is a friend?
How do you treat them?
Do you have many? –if not…..have you figured out why?

Most people think that these questions are mainly for kids and their friends, but it’s a lifetime topic.

A friend is typically a non-relative that either shares the same interests as you, or you just enjoy being together so much that you don’t bother with the fact that you’re perhaps opposites. Normally if you are opposites, you won’t stay in a healthy relationship; you’ll start fighting, disagreeing on morals and standards, and just contrasting on everything! A true friend though, should have respect for your beliefs, so then you shouldn’t be bickering. Now if you completely disagree then you shouldn’t remain friends; you can stay cordial, but not friends. Example: I am a Christian. If I were to go to a public school which thankfully I do not, but if I were, I shouldn’t make strong ties with non-believers if my faith is new or if I struggle a lot; because those friends could cause me to stray away from my faith. If however I do have a strong faith and testimony which I believe I do, I would be able to have non-believing friends and keep my faith by standing up for it and calmly proving that friend wrong with Scripture.
A friend is someone who shares your emotion. If you’re sad and they love you, they’ll be sad if anything just at the fact that you’re sad! And the same for all the other emotions.
A friend sticketh closer than a brother(-Bible) as I have already written before. I mean really…who tells their siblings more than what they tell their friends? Not many. Not only is that how close they are, but it says that they stick with you closer than a brother. Well a brother is a brother till death! They can’t just stop being your sibling by doing anything technically, because they have your same blood, name, and DNA. (disownment doesn’t count) If that’s how close a brother is, just imagine how much closer a true friend is.
A friend is one who even through a fight as I have experienced still wants to call or txt or hang out. They just can’t stay mad at you forever. They love you and they need love back.
A friend is so many other things that I know that I could write for days in length with my personal experiences and examples and truths that I won’t….for your sakes lol.

Well now that we know what a friend is, how do you treat them? Is your idea of a friend becoming the leader of your little clique and having people who follow you around because you’re cool, pretty, smart, buff, whatever and not even care about who you guys really are? That’s just ludicrous! And not true friendship at all! The Bible says to treat others as you would have them to treat you. Now if you would like them to treat you the way a ruthless leader of a clique normally does than you’ve got some problems. I haven’t met anyone who’s ever wanted to be treated that way. The way you should treat your friends is by telling them things about them that make you like them and make you want to be their friend. You should treat them with respect, love, compassion, honesty, and conductive criticism. If you would want your friend to help you mature and grow then you should do the same for them.
This is probably the most difficult question to speak the truth about amongst the three. Think about it….do you have many friends? If so are they the right kind of friends? Friends that love you and you love them; friends that call when they haven’t heard from you in a couple of days or so; friends who still talk to you even when you’ve had a fight. If so then you must be somewhat of a good person lol and you are blessed. Your reward from God is true, good friends. If you don’t have many….I need to ask why? Look at your life and incidents where you’ve been around people and go through the scenario. Did you treat them the way you’d have wanted to be treated? Did you choose the right crowd of people? And ask any more questions that fit the specific scenario. If you did any of these wrong then…there’s your answer as to why you only have a few if any friends. I’m sorry to say, but it’s true…if you’re a jerk to people you’re not going to be liked. Would you like someone who was a jerk to you? I should hope not….

I hope these commentaries on these questions have helped. I hope you take my advice and use it. If you would like me to pray for you just comment on this and ask and I will be glad to pray for you. Some of you may be like ‘ok I agree with that so I’ll use that, but oh that’s Bible stuff…I…I...I won’t believe that.’ Well I want to ask this and I want you to think about it very hard.
Just because you don’t believe in the Bible, don’t you agree that it seems logical? Doesn’t it make sense? Doesn’t it seem like it would work?
Please think about it and just give it a try…if it works, maybe even consider giving God a try. I’m here for any more advice about anything or any questions you may have. (my dad is a pastor so I’m well knowledge lol)

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