Cbc1501 Assignment 2 Semester 2 Timetable

CBC1501 Communication in Business Contexts – Semester 1


CBC1501 Communication in Business Contexts

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CBC1501 Communication in Business Contexts makes students aware that communication forms an integral part of the role of the accounting practitioner in a business context. Students are sensitised to the variables influencing communication situations in the accounting environment and know how to respond appropriately.

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CBC 1501/201 3 1 INTRODUCTION Dear Student, We hope that you have enjoyed your studies in Communication in Business Contexts (CBC1501) thus far. Please note that tutorial letters are important and intended to assist you in understanding the content of this module better, as well as to prepare you for the final examination. Therefore, it is important to read all your tutorial letters carefully and keep them in a safe place for future reference. You will remember that Tutorial Letter 101/3/2017, which you received when you registered for CBC1501, contained the two compulsory assignments for this module. This tutorial letter deals specifically with general feedback on and answers to these two assignments for Semester 1. You should have received the following tutorial letters for this semester: Tutorial Letter 101/3/2017 Tutorial Letter CMNALLE/301/4/2017 Tutorial Letter 102/3/2017 Tutorial Letter 201/1/2017 (this tutorial letter) Digital copies of all tutorial letters are available on myUnisa. If you have any enquiries regarding this module, please refer to your Tutorial Letter 101/3/2017 to ascertain which department to contact in the university, depending on the nature of your enquiry. Remember that you are welcome to contact the lecturers if you have any content-related enquiries. Contact details are as follows: Mrs Ashiya Abdool Satar Module coordinator Telephone: 012 429 4203 E-mail: [email protected]

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