Cla1501 Assignment 2 Semester 2

CLA1501 Commercial Law 1A – Semester 1


CLA1501 Commercial Law 1A

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CLA1501 Commercial Law 1A Section A: (a) The South African legal system; (b) Introduction to the theory of law. Section B: The law of obligations; introduction to the law of contract; the formation of acontract; principles and rules concerning valid and binding contracts; breach of contract; remedies on the ground of breach of contract; the transfer and termination of obligations.

Prescribed book for cla1501 commercial law 1a

TitleGeneral Principles of Commercial Law
AuthorHavenga et al
Year Published2010

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CLA1501/101 3 1 INTRODUCTION Dear Student We are pleased to welcome you as a student of Commercial Law 1A ( CLA1501 ) and hope that you will find it interesting and rewarding. We shall do our best to make your studies of this module successful. You will be well on your way to success if you start studying early in the semester and resolve to do the assignments properly. This tutorial letter (CLA1501/101/2016) contains important information about this module. We urge you to read it carefully and to keep it at hand when working through the study material, preparing the assignments, preparing for the examination and addressing questions to your lecturers. In this tutorial letter you will find the two compulsory assignments for semesters 1 and 2, instructions on the preparation and submission of the assignments ( See 7.2.1 below regarding the importance of the assignments for admission to the examination and their contribution towards a yea r mark for the modu le ). This tutorial letter also provides all the information you need with regard to the prescribed study material and how to obtain it. Finally, we include in this tutorial letter certain general and administrative information concerning this module. Please study this information carefully and make sure that you obtain the prescribed study material as soon as possible. Apart from this tutorial letter, you will also receive other tutorial letters during the semester. Your study material for CLA1501 will therefore consist of a study guide and tutorial letters (namely, tutorial letters 101 (this tutorial letter); 102 (in which we confirm your lecturers and the prescribed study material, set out rules for the examination and describe the kinds of questions you may expect in the examination); and 201 and 202 (which contain the memoranda and commentaries on the assignments)) which you will receive from the university and a prescribed textbook which you must purchase . These tutorial letters will not necessarily be available at the time of registration. Tutorial letters will be despatched to students as soon as

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