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  • Virginia Kearney 5 days agofrom United States

    Hi Ismail, here are some good topics:

    How has Christianity influenced American (choose one: politics, sports, family life or holiday celebrations).

    Why did Americans elect Donald Trump in 2016?

  • Ismail 6 days ago

    Please , I want you to help me to find some topics for my research paper which is about American studies . But specific topics

  • Chalaya 5 months ago

    This website is so helpful!!! Keep up the good work

  • Virginia Kearney 5 months agofrom United States

    Hi Kaelyn! I'm very glad this helped you. You can find more topics in my Technology and Science topics lists. Pl

  • Kaelyn 5 months ago

    This website has helped so much!! My teacher assigns a current event every week and most students are confused on what topic to choose and I told them about this website. I love how there is an article for every topic for easy citation.

  • Nichole Byrd 8 months ago

    Does spending time on social media cause children to have mental health problems?

  • Virginia Kearney 9 months agofrom United States

    Kmondoi, I am so glad that you were able to use my links to find the information you needed. I work so hard to try to provide the best possible links to find the answers that my students need. It makes me very happy to know that these worked for you and that you got a good grade.

  • kmondoi 9 months ago

    thanks to the author , I got the solution my research topic from here which had given me headache for weeks .now I proudly presented a research which was ranked the best in my class

  • Virginia Kearney 9 months agofrom United States

    Hi Ella-I'm so glad you wanted to work hard on your school project. I have five children, and my youngest has just learned this year how much fun it is to work even harder than your teacher expects. I hope you will come back for more ideas.

  • Ella is looking for a report 9 months ago

    Hi! I am only 9 years old but i want to make my teacher proud and this website really helped. Was interested in the 3-D printing thingie. i really love the website! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • N.a.k 11 months ago

    Wow this is so help full I'm so glad I found this website

  • Leah "the Bean" Sinder 11 months ago

    Very helpful. I enjoyed reviewing the concepts listed and found them to be quite insightful-especially for individuals constructing essays.

  • Virginia Kearney 3 years agofrom United States

    Hi Donna--Yes, I'm really interested in the 3-D printing idea. I had a student in my class this semester who knew someone who worked for a 3-D company which would allow you to design anything and then sell it online. If someone wanted to buy it, they can, and the company would then create it on their 3-D printer and ship it off! Amazing! There is actually a TEDD talk by the man who is developing the 3-D printer for organs and body parts. I didn't include it in the article because it is less interesting at the beginning, and I thought it would not capture a person's attention as well, but it you are interested, you might want to check it out.

  • Donna Caprio Quinlan 3 years agofrom Newburyport, MA

    Great current event topics! I saw a TV segment on 3d printers. It is pretty amazing what they can copy. The video you posted about the next possibility being copying body parts and organs is incredible!

  • Kati Mc 3 years ago

    Awesome! Great research topics

  • US Dyslexia Policies ‘ignore Scientific Evidence’, Expert Says

    Mar. 5, 2018 — Many of the current US Federal and State dyslexia laws should be scrapped as they ignore scientific evidence and privilege some poor readers at the expense of huge numbers of others, according to a ... read more

    Enrichment Program Boosts STEM for Black Students but Leaves Latinos Behind

    Mar. 2, 2018 — In a new study that capitalizes on data from the National Center for Educational Statistics and methods that address causality, sociologists looked at an earlier portion of the pipeline -- in high ... read more

    Rethinking Childbirth Education Could Save AU $97 Million P.a.

    Mar. 2, 2018 — Research shows antenatal education not only reduces the rates of medical interventions during childbirth, but can save the healthcare system up to AU$97 million per ... read more

    Creating Diverse Schools and Workplaces Requires Inclusion, Not Just Numbers

    Mar. 1, 2018 — New research shows when it comes to successfully engaging and including minorities in the workforce and schools, organizations need to focus on ... read more

    Teachers and Other School-Based Professionals Can Treat Children's Mental Health Problem

    Mar. 1, 2018 — School-based services delivered by teachers and other school-based professionals can help reduce mental health problems in elementary-aged ... read more

    Brain Stimulation Helps Younger, Not Older, Adults' Memory

    Mar. 1, 2018 — A study found that while the younger adults showed memory improvement from transcranial direct current stimulation, the older adults did ... read more

    Feb. 27, 2018 — Although the call for improving STEM education is widespread, there is little guidance for teachers on how to do so. A team set out to outline challenges and find best practices for teachers to ... read more

    Feb. 28, 2018 — Researchers have demonstrated that facial temperatures, which can be easily measured using a non-invasive thermal camera, are strongly correlated to mental ... read more

    Manageable Levels of Anxiety Can Help Your Memory

    Feb. 26, 2018 — Anxiety can help people to remember things, a new study has ... read more

    Children's Learning Is Not Affected by Repeated Sick Days With Fever and Infections

    Feb. 23, 2018 — Whereas severe infections with long-term hospitalizations can make it more difficult for a child to pass the 9th grade exam, recurring less serious severe infections do not affect children's ... read more

    Feb. 23, 2018 — A new study shows for the first time that exposure to green space during childhood is associated with beneficial structural changes in the developing ... read more

    Financial Structure of Early Childhood Education Requires Overhaul to Make It Accessible and Affordable, Report Says

    Feb. 23, 2018 — High-quality early care and education (ECE) is critical to positive child development and has the potential to generate economic returns, but the current financing structure of ECE leaves many ... read more

    Study Finds Language, Achievement Benefits of Universal Early Childhood Education

    Feb. 22, 2018 — A study of more than 60,000 children enrolled in Norway's universal early education system has found the program improves language skills and narrows achievement ... read more

    Practical Solution to Challenges Faced by Bilingual Children

    Feb. 21, 2018 — Researchers have made a major breakthrough in the assessment of language development among bilingual families and in the identification of those children who require extra support to improve their ... read more

    Feb. 21, 2018 — Relating to oneself in a healthy way can help weaken the association between perfectionism and ... read more

    Enhanced Education Could Help Turn the Tide on Marine Litter

    Feb. 21, 2018 — Research has revealed that designing systematic and innovative education tools to teachers and students can make a significant and positive contribution to their understanding of the problem of ... read more

    Younger and Older Siblings Contribute Positively to Each Other's Developing Empathy

    Feb. 20, 2018 — A new longitudinal study looked at whether younger siblings also contribute to their older sisters' and brothers' empathy in early childhood, when empathic tendencies begin to develop. The ... read more

    College Roommates Underestimate Each Other's Distress, New Psychology Research Shows

    Feb. 19, 2018 — College roommates are sensitive to their roommates' distress but tend to underestimate the level of distress being experienced by ... read more

    Eye Exams Linked to Kids' Reading Levels

    Feb. 15, 2018 — Elementary school children who read below grade level may have challenges with their eyesight even if standard tests show they see 20/20, according to a new ... read more

    Back-and-Forth Exchanges Boost Children's Brain Response to Language

    Feb. 14, 2018 — Cognitive scientists have now found that conversation between an adult and a child appears to change the child's brain, and that this back-and-forth conversation is actually more critical to ... read more

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