William Barclay Squire Essay Prize



1. Competition for any University Studentship, Scholarship, Exhibition, Prize, Medal, or other such award shall be restricted to candidates who are actual members of the University unless there is clear evidence of a contrary intention in the regulations or document governing the award. Whenever by any regulation for any award it is required that an application or an entry be submitted to the Registrary or to some other person by a certain date that regulation shall be interpreted as requiring that the application or entry shall be sent so as to reach the Registrary or other person not later than that date.

2. The Examiners are empowered to give honourable mention, in such form as they may think fit, to students who reach the standard of merit required for the award of an emolument though they fail to gain it in consequence of the superior merit of others; but honourable mention may not be given to a student who fails to reach such a standard.

3. If a University Studentship, Scholarship, Exhibition, Prize, Medal, or similar emolument is awarded, or honourable mention given, to a candidate who is a member of a House of Residence recognized by the University, the name of the House of Residence, if it is given in the candidate's entry for the emolument, shall be given in the announcement of the award in addition to the name of his or her College.

4. (a) For the purpose of these regulations an Affiliated Student shall be deemed to have kept by residence the three terms next preceding the term in which he or she first resides within the Precincts of the University, and to have been matriculated in the first of those terms.

(b) A person who possesses the status of Master of Arts or Bachelor of Arts shall not at any time be eligible for any University Prize, Scholarship, Studentship, or similar emolument for which only undergraduates are eligible. For the purposes of any regulation respecting the standing of candidates for other emoluments the term in which a person received the status of Master of Arts shall be counted as his or her twentieth term, and the term in which a person received the status of Bachelor of Arts shall be counted as his or her tenth term.

5. A candidate elected to any University emolument of which the tenure would normally begin at or shortly after the date of election may be permitted by the Council, for any reason which they may consider adequate, to postpone the commencement of tenure for such period as the Council may approve.

6. Subject to the decision of the Council in case of doubt, if payment of an instalment of the emolument of a Studentship, Scholarship, or similar award is conditional upon fulfilment of requirements which can normally be waived by Grace, and if the holder, by reason of deferment of commencement of tenure approved by the Council, has not satisfied those requirements during the whole, but has satisfied them during a part, of the period to which an instalment appertains, he or she shall receive a proportional part of the emolument.

Studentships and Scholarships

7. If the awarders of any University Studentship, Scholarship, or similar award learn that the holder has been elected to a Fellowship of a College, or has been awarded any other emolument for the support of research, or has been appointed to any office or employment in the University, they shall consider the case and may at their discretion reduce or withhold the emolument of the award.

8. Subject to the provisions of any special regulations, the awarders of any University Studentship, Scholarship, or similar award may require that the whole or part of the emolument shall be used for one or more of the following purposes:

  1. (a)the purchase of books or recordings;
  2. (b)the purchase of equipment;
  3. (c)travel abroad.

9. If payment of an instalment of the emolument of a Studentship or Scholarship is conditional upon the awarders’ approval of a report from the holder, the awarders may delegate such approval to one or more of their number. Any such delegation shall be communicated by the awarders to the Treasurer, or to any other authority by whom payment is to be made. Where it is provided that such a report must be submitted before a prescribed time payment may nevertheless be authorized by the Council if the report is submitted after that time but is approved by the awarders.

Prizes and Medals

10. Candidates shall be required to state, generally in a preface to their submitted work, and specifically in notes, the sources from which their information is taken, the extent to which they have availed themselves of the work of others, or have received help and advice from a Director of Studies, Supervisor, or other person, and the portions of the submitted work which are claimed as original.

11. Candidates shall also be required to state in the preface what previous use (if any) has been made of the submitted work, or of any part of it, and whether it has been published in whole or in part; and a Graduate Student shall further be required to state whether and, if so, how, its subject appertains to his or her approved course of research or to work submitted for a degree of the University.

12. No work submitted for a University prize shall be considered which in the opinion of the Examiners or Adjudicators for that prize is substantially the same as work published by the candidate or used by the candidate elsewhere as a thesis for a degree or for a prize before coming into residence in the University; and if part of the work submitted has been so used, or if, in the case of a Graduate Student, the work submitted has already been submitted for a degree of the University, or closely appertains to work which has been so submitted, the Examiners or Adjudicators shall have power to take that circumstance into consideration in making their award.

13. Regulations 11 and 12 shall not apply to the Adams Prize, the Harness Prize, or the Raymond Horton-Smith Prize. Regulation 12 shall not apply to the Hare Prize, the Ellen McArthur Prize, the Gedge Prize, the Members’ History Prize, the Sara Norton Prizes, the Prince Consort Prize, or the Thirlwall Prize.

Prize books

14. A prize-winner who is required or elects to lay out the whole or part of the value of a prize in the purchase of books, and who is required or desires to have the books stamped with the arms of the University, shall submit to the Registrary the title of each such book, together with a statement of its price and the cost of special binding if any.

15. The Registrary shall be authorized, after consultation with the Vice-Chancellor, to permit the arms of the University to be stamped on any book of which the title has been submitted in accordance with Regulation 14, and which the Vice-Chancellor has approved, and to issue for each such book a label recording the name and year of the prize and the name and College of the prize-winner; provided that permission shall not be given in respect of a book or books whose cost, including the cost of binding and stamping, exceeds the value of the prize.

16. The custody of the dies to be used for stamping books under these regulations or under the special regulations for any prize shall be the responsibility of the Registrary.

Distribution of prizes and recitation of prize exercises

17. In each year, at a Congregation in the Easter Term selected for the purpose by the Vice-Chancellor, those prizes which are customarily distributed in the Senate-House shall be given by the Chancellor, or the Vice-Chancellor, to the several successful candidates; and at the same Congregation the successful candidate for the Chancellor's Medal for an English Poem shall recite his or her poem.

Deposit of prize exercises

18. Wherever the regulations for a prize or other award provide that a copy of the winning exercise shall be deposited in the University Library or in some other place, it shall be the responsibility of the author to ensure that the copy is bound or cased and identified by an inscription on the spine or cover in accordance with instructions given by the Registrary. The payment of the emolument shall be withheld until a copy of the exercise has been so deposited.

Investment of unexpended income

19. Except as otherwise provided in the regulations for a particular fund, any part of the income of a fund not expended in any year shall be accumulated by investment or otherwise, and any such accumulation shall, at the discretion of the Finance Committee of the Council after they have considered any recommendations that the Managers or other body responsible for the administration of the fund may wish to make, either be applied as income in subsequent years or be added to the capital of the fund.

Appointment of Awarders, etc.

20. Wherever the regulations for a Studentship, Scholarship, Exhibition, Prize, Medal, or other such award provide for Managers, Electors, Awarders, Examiners, or Adjudicators to be appointed by the Council or by the General Board on the nomination of another body, if it is necessary from whatever cause for such a nomination or appointment to be made after the date prescribed in the particular regulations, the Council or the General Board as the case may be (or, if the appointment cannot be considered by the appropriate body without undue delay, the Registrary) shall have power to appoint the person so nominated.

21. Subject to any provision of a trust binding on the University, the Council may appoint a member of the Regent House to act when there is a vacancy in a University office the holder of which is required ex officio by Ordinance to act as Examiner, Adjudicator, Elector, or Manager or in any other capacity in respect of a trust fund, or when the holder of such an office has been granted leave by the General Board under Statute D, II, 5 or 6. Such a member of the Regent House shall have the right to attend and vote at meetings, or to discharge other duties required by the Ordinance concerned, as if he or she held the University office specified therein.


2009 Computer Laboratory Research Students Fund

1. There shall be a fund called the 2009 Computer Laboratory Research Students Fund. The aim of the Fund shall be the support of doctoral research students of the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge.

2. The Fund shall be managed by the Faculty Board of Computer Science and Technology, who may delegate any of their functions concerning the Fund to a Committee not necessarily composed wholly of members of the Board.

3. The income of the Fund shall be applied by the Managers to provide financial support to doctoral research students of the Computer Laboratory. The support may contribute towards the following:

  1. (i)a maintenance payment to a level determined from time to time by the Managers,
  2. (ii)a payment to meet the student's University and College fees,
  3. (iii)other costs such as additional training, equipment, travel expenses, conferences etc., according to the discretion of the Managers.

In considering a student for an award from the Fund the Managers shall have regard to evidence of academic merit.

4. In order to be eligible for support a candidate must have been accepted to follow a course of research towards the Ph.D. Degree in the Computer Laboratory and have been admitted, or be seeking admission by the Board of Graduate Studies as a registered Graduate Student in the University. If the candidate is not already a member of the University he or she shall become such by being matriculated before the end of the Michaelmas Term next after his or her acceptance as a doctoral student, provided that for good cause the Managers may allow matriculation to be deferred until a later date.

5. Recipients of an award may, at the discretion of the Managers and with the agreement of the individual donors, be designated as Named Students, and each such Studentship shall include reference to the name of a person or body that has contributed to the Fund.

6. Any unexpended income may, at the discretion of the Managers, either be added to the capital of the Fund, or accumulated for use as income in any one or more subsequent years, or applied to the benefit of doctoral students in the Computer Laboratory more generally.

7. In exceptional circumstances the Managers may use such part or parts of the capital of the Fund not earmarked for endowment purposes as they shall determine to support students as set out in Regulation 3 above.

AT&T Cambridge Laboratories Prize in Communications Engineering

1. The sum of £5,000 given to the University by AT&T Cambridge Laboratories shall form a fund called the AT&T Cambridge Laboratories Prize Fund, which shall be used to provide a prize called the AT&T Cambridge Laboratories Prize in Communications Engineering.

2. The Prize shall be awarded annually by the Examiners for Part IIb of the Engineering Tripos to a candidate who achieves distinction in any area of electrical or information engineering in that Tripos, unless the Awarders are of the opinion that there is no candidate of sufficient merit to receive the Prize.

3. The value of the Prize shall be the net annual income of the Fund.

4. The Awarders shall be empowered to use accumulated income to provide an additional Prize or Prizes not exceeding such sum as shall be determined by the Faculty Board of Engineering within a range approved from time to time by the Council. Any unexpended income shall be added to the capital of the Fund.

C. C. Abbott Fund

The money received from the bequest of the late Professor C. C. Abbott, of Gonville and Caius College, shall form a fund called the Abbott Fund the income of which shall be used for the supplementation of funds made available by the University to the Fitzwilliam Museum Syndicate to make purchases for the Museum.

Adams Prize

Endowments, 1904, p. 393

1. The Adams Prize shall be awarded each year for achievements in research in any branch of the mathematical sciences, pure or applied, including astronomy.

2. The Prize shall be awarded by a Board of five Adjudicators, comprising:

  1. (a)two persons appointed by the Faculty Board of Mathematics;
  2. (b)two persons appointed by the Council of St John's College;
  3. (c)one person appointed by the Royal Society, who shall be a Fellow of the Society not resident in Cambridge.

Adjudicators shall be appointed in the Easter Term to serve for four years from 1 October following their appointment. The Faculty Board of Mathematics shall appoint one of the Adjudicators in class (a) to be Chairman of the Adjudicators. Each Adjudicator shall receive from the Adams Prize Fund, unless there are no candidates, such sum as shall be determined by the Faculty Board of Mathematics within a range approved from time to time by the Council.

The Secretary of the Faculty Board of Mathematics shall act as Secretary to the Adjudicators.

3. The Prize shall be open to any person who, on 31 October preceding the year in which the Prize is to be awarded,

  1. (a)holds an appointment in the United Kingdom, either in a university or in some other institution;
  2. and
  3. (b)is under forty years of age, provided that in exceptional circumstances the Adjudicators may relax this age limit.

Any question relating to eligibility shall be determined by the Adjudicators, whose decision shall be final.

4. Not later than the last day of the Lent Term each year the Adjudicators shall give notice of the general area of research in which the Prize for the following calendar year is to be offered. The Adjudicators shall advertise the Prize widely within the United Kingdom and shall invite applications. Any person qualified under Regulation 3 who wishes to be a candidate for the Prize shall send to the Secretary to the Adjudicators, not later than 31 October next following, six copies of an application comprising a curriculum vitae and a list of publications, together with six copies of the work or works, either published or unpublished, which he or she wishes the Adjudicators to take into account.

5. The Adjudicators shall have power to obtain opinions from referees on the works submitted by candidates, and to authorize payment to a referee of such fee as they may determine in each particular case within a range approved from time to time by the Council.

6. The Prize shall be awarded not later than the last day of the Lent Term next following the closing date for applications.

7. The value of the Prize in any year shall be the income of the Prize Fund in the previous financial year, after meeting any expenses of advertising the Prize and of selecting the winner. The Prize shall be paid in three equal portions as follows:

  1. (a)one-third to the prize-winner on the announcement of the award;
  2. (b)one-third to the institution to which the prize-winner is affiliated at the time when the award is announced, to meet the expenses of his or her research;
  3. (c)one-third to the prize-winner on the acceptance for publication within two years from the award of the Prize, by the editor of an internationally recognized journal, of a substantial original article (normally of at least twenty-five printed pages) of which the prize-winner is an author, surveying the general field of his or her research. In special circumstances the Adjudicators may allow an extension of the time period for acceptance of publication. If the prize-winner fails to satisfy this condition, or fails to apply for an extension within the time period, then the outstanding portion of the Prize shall be either added to the capital of the Fund or accumulated for use as income in subsequent years, as the Faculty Board of Mathematics shall determine.

8. If in any year the Prize is not awarded the income for the year in question shall be either added to the capital of the Fund or accumulated for use as income in subsequent years, as the Faculty Board of Mathematics may determine.

9. These regulations may be amended from time to time by the University, subject to the consent of the Council of St John's College.

Aeronautical Research Fund

Grace 6 of 6 July 2005

The capital and the income of the Fund derived from the benefaction by Sir John Davenport Sidderley of £10,000 over a period of seven years ending in 1942, accepted by the University by Grace 1 of 22 October 1935, and now known as the Aeronautical Research Fund, shall be applied at the discretion of the Head of the Department of Engineering to support the general area of aeronautical research within that Department.

Alcuin Lectureship

1. The benefaction of the Right Hon. Sir Leon Brittan, of Trinity College, shall form a fund called the Alcuin Lecture Fund, the capital and the income of which shall be used to provide an annual lecture called the Alcuin Lecture.

2. The appointment of the Alcuin Lecturer shall be made annually by the Vice-Chancellor. The Lecturer shall deliver one lecture in the University on a subject concerning the relationship between the United Kingdom and European institutions.

Sidney Allen Prize

Grace 1 of 11 June 2008

1. The sum of £2,500 given to the University under Gift Aid arrangements by Professor P. H. Matthews, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics, in memory of Professor W. Sidney Allen, formerly Professor of Comparative Philology, shall form a fund, the income of which shall be used to provide a prize called the Sidney Allen Prize. The Prize shall be awarded for distinction in Linguistics, where Linguistics is understood to include the study of language in general, and the study of the history and structure of specific languages or families of languages.

2. The Prize shall be awarded annually by, jointly, the Chairmen of Examiners for the Linguistics Tripos, and for Part II of the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, for a distinguished overall performance in Linguistics by a candidate for any Part II examination for the Linguistics Tripos or the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos.

3. To be eligible for consideration for the Prize a candidate shall have offered for examination at Part II at least three papers available in the Linguistics Tripos at Part IIa or Part IIb, or the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos at Part II relating to the study of language in general, or the study of the history and structure of specific languages or families of languages. The Faculty Board of Modern and Medieval Languages shall announce from time to time the papers in the Triposes designated as meeting the requirements for the Prize.

4. The value of the Prize shall be determined by the Examiners.

5. If in any year the Prize is not awarded, the income for that year shall be added to the capital of the Fund.

Allen, Meek, and Read Fund for Research Scholarships

1. The investments representing the Allen, W. A. Meek, and Amy Mary Preston Read Funds shall form a fund known as the Allen, Meek, and Read Fund for Research Scholarships.

2. The income of the Fund shall be applied to the maintenance of such number of Allen, W. A. Meek, and Amy Mary Preston Read Scholars as shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Graduate Studies, who shall be the Electors to the Scholarships.

3. It shall be the duty of a Scholar to undertake literary or scientific research. The Scholarships shall be open to graduates of the University and holders of the Certificate of Advanced Study in Mathematics who propose to undertake research as registered Graduate Students in any branch of study within the University, but the Electors shall give preference in awarding an Allen Scholarship to subjects in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, and shall give preference in awarding a Meek Scholarship to subjects in the biological and physical sciences, including mathematics, geography, technology, medicine, and veterinary medicine.

4. Applications shall be made in such manner as may be provided for by the Board of Graduate Studies from time to time.

5. The tenure of a Scholarship shall not exceed three years and shall not extend beyond the Scholar's twelfth term of research as a registered Graduate Student.

6. The value of a Scholarship shall be determined by the Electors within a range approved from time to time by the Council.

7. The Electors may make grants to Scholars from any unexpended income accumulated in the Fund.

HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Fund

Grace 3 of 23 April 2008

1. The sum of £8m received by the University from HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal shall form a fund to be known as the HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Fund which shall be used to promote the study of Islam.

2. The administration of the Fund shall be under the control of a Committee consisting of the Chairman of the Council of the School of Arts and Humanities who shall be Chairman; the Chairman of the Council of the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences; the Chairman of the Faculty Board of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; the Head of the Department of Middle Eastern Studies; and the Director of the HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies.

3. The expendable portion of the Fund shall be applied:

  1. (i)

Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge

In this Chapter

    • 2009 Computer Laboratory Research Students Fund
    • AT&T Cambridge Laboratories Prize in Communications Engineering
    • C. C. Abbott Fund
    • Adams Prize
    • Aeronautical Research Fund
    • Alcuin Lectureship
    • Sidney Allen Prize
    • Allen, Meek, and Read Fund for Research Scholarships
    • HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Fund
    • Anaesthesia Fund
    • Anglia Television Fund
    • Tom ap Rees Fund
    • Arberry Fund
    • Department of Architecture Design Teaching Fund
    • Armourers and Brasiers Prizes and Medal
    • W. D. Armstrong Fund
    • Ashby Scholarship Fund
    • F. W. Aston Fund
    • BBV Foundation Fund
    • BP Foundation Fund for Earth Sciences
    • BP Institute Fund
    • BP Nevill Mott Prizes
    • Babbage Fund for Policy and Practice
    • James Baird Fund
    • George Peter Baker Prize in Medicine
    • Stanley Baldwin Fund
    • Balfour Fund and Studentship
    • Balfour-Browne Fund
    • Bartlett Fund and Prize
    • Battie, Browne, Craven, Davies, Pitt, Porson, and Waddington Scholarships (the University Classical Scholarships)
    • Mrs Claude Beddington Fund and Prizes
    • Bedford Travelling Grant in Geography
    • Theodore Chapin Beebe Fund
    • Bell, Abbott, and Barnes Funds
    • Bendall Sanskrit Exhibition
    • Bender Prize
    • John Bennett Fund
    • Benson English Library Fund
    • Berwin Leighton Paisner Prize for International Commercial Tax
    • Bethune-Baker Fund
    • Bevan Fund
    • Bhaonagar Medal and Prize
    • Biffen Fund
    • Carmen Blacker Prize for Japanese Studies
    • F. F. Blackman Memorial Fund
    • Dr E. J. Bles Fund
    • Bluegnome Molecular Genetic Pathology Fund
    • Boscawen Fund
    • Botanic Garden Endowment Fund
    • Isabelle Bouhon Fund
    • Derek Brewer Prize
    • P.W. Brian Fund
    • British Petroleum Chemistry Fund
    • Jacob Bronowski Fund
    • Broodbank Fund and Fellowships
    • Peter Brook Award
    • Brooks Fund
    • Brotherton Prize
    • Browne Fund and Medals
    • Browne Memorial Fund
    • E. G. Browne Memorial Research Studentship
    • Oscar Browning Society Fund
    • Matthew Buncombe Prize
    • Harry Bunning Fellowship Fund
    • Burney Prize and Studentship
    • Raymond Burton Fund
    • Gregg Bury Prize
    • J. P. T. Bury Fund
    • Montagu Butler Prize
    • Butterfield Studentship
    • Cambridge Display Technology Melville Fund
    • Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance
    • CambridgeQuarterlyPrize
    • Cambridge University Medical School Charitable Fund for Public Health
    • Cambridge University Medical School Discretionary Fund
    • Maybud Sherwood Campbell Fund
    • Rosalie Canney Fund
    • Carus Prizes
    • Douglas Cashin Fund
    • Central Electricity Generating Board Prize for Materials Science
    • Countess Martinengo Cesaresco's Bequest
    • H. M. Chadwick Fund
    • John Chadwick Greek and Latin Research Fund
    • Nora Chadwick Fund
    • Avik Chakravarty Memorial Fund for Physics
    • Chamber Music Fund
    • Grace and Thomas C. H. Chan Scholarship Fund
    • Chancellor's Medals
    • 1 Chancery Lane Prize in Law of Tort
    • Chaucer Reading Prize
    • Chemistry Endowment Fund
    • Chemistry Next Generation Fund
    • Children’s Kidney Care Fund
    • Chinese Studies Fund
    • Chuan Lyu Fellowship and Senior Visiting Scholarship Fund
    • Chuan Lyu Lectureship Fund
    • Churchill Professorship of Mathematics for Operational Research Fund
    • Civil Engineers Fund
    • B.R.D. Clarke Prize
    • David L. Clarke Lectureship
    • Faculty of Classics Appeal Fund 2000
    • Clemoes Reading Prize
    • Clifford Chance David Gottlieb Prize
    • Clifford Chance C. J. Hamson Prizes
    • Clifford Chance Prize in EU Law
    • Cobbett Fund
    • Cockerell Fund
    • Dorothea Coke Fund
    • Dennis Cole Fund
    • William George Collins Endowment Fund
    • Commonwealth Library Fund
    • Comparative Law Endowment Fund
    • Connell Fund
    • Corbett Fund and Prize
    • Corfield Fund for Mathematics
    • Sir Alan Cottrell Prize
    • Sir Alan Cottrell Professorship of Materials Science Fund
    • Alan Coulson Prize
    • F. R. Cowper Reed Travelling Grants
    • Craig Taylor Fund
    • Benefaction of John Crane
    • Archbishop Cranmer Prize, Grants, and Studentships
    • Crausaz Wordsworth Fund
    • Craven Fund and Studentship
    • David Crighton Fund
    • Crosse Studentship
    • Crowther-Beynon Fund
    • Cunliffe Fund
    • Cuthbert Prize for Humanities in Medicine
    • Robert Daglish Fund
    • Danckwerts-Pergamon Prize
    • Glyn Daniel Award
    • Surendranath Dasgupta Fund
    • Henry Roy Dean Prize
    • Debenham Scholars Fund
    • de Fraine Fund
    • Odette de Mourgues Fund and Studentship
    • Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Fund for Finance
    • Archibald Denny Prizes
    • Harry Desai Fund
    • Divinity (German Language) Fund
    • Austin Dobson Fund
    • Denis Dooley Prize in Clinical Anatomy
    • Anthony Dorrell Prize
    • Brian Douglas Fund
    • Drewitt Prize
    • Gordon Duff Fund and Prize
    • East Midland Regional Examinations Board Fund (EMREB Fund)
    • Education Endowment Fund
    • Egyptology Endowment (Thompson Bequest) Fund
    • El-Erian Fund for Economics
    • Frank Edward Elmore Fund
    • Engineering Endowment Fund
    • Sixth Earl of Enniskillen Fund
    • Keith Entwistle Memorial Fund
    • Erskine Chambers Prize for Company Law
    • Estate Management Development Fund
    • Evans Fund
    • Evans Prize Fund
    • Eric Evans Fund
    • Ulick Richardson Evans Research Fund
    • Evolution Education Trust Darwin Correspondence Fund
    • ExxonMobil Chemical Engineering Prize
    • Fairhaven Fund
    • Alison Fairlie Prize in French
    • Falcon Chambers Prize for Land Law
    • Ellen Farnell Fund
    • Martin C. Faulkes Bell Fund
    • John Fawcett Prize
    • E. G. Fearnsides Scholarship
    • Mary Feather Fund
    • Dr Gillian Fenn Memorial Fund
    • Fingland Fund
    • Fitzpatrick Fund
    • Fitzwilliam Museum Endowment Fund
    • Forbes Fund
    • Max Forbes Fund
    • Ford of Britain Trust Fund
    • Ford Physiology Fund
    • Foreign Travel Fund
    • Fortes Fund
    • Foster Prize Fund
    • Michael Foster Studentship in Physiology
    • T. R. C. Fox Fund
    • Frazer Lectureship in Social Anthropology
    • Sir Bartle Frere's Memorial Fund
    • Hans Gadow Memorial Fund
    • Isbel Fletcher Garden Fund and Scholarship
    • John Stanley Gardiner Studentships
    • Robert Gardiner Memorial Scholarships
    • Oliver Gatty Fund
    • Gedge Prize
    • Russell R. Geiger Professorship Endowment Fund
    • Gender Studies Fund
    • Genzyme Fund for Clinical Neurosciences
    • German Endowment Fund
    • Arnold Gerstenberg Fund and Studentship
    • Orlando Gibbons Fund
    • Gibson Spanish Scholarship
    • Girdler Fund
    • Gladstone Memorial Prize
    • Glaxo Pharmacology Fund
    • Glennie Prizes in Child Psychiatry
    • Goldsmiths’ Prize and Medal
    • Gollan Fund
    • Gow Fund
    • Graham-Smith Fund
    • J.H. Gray Fund
    • D. H. Green Fund
    • Mark Gregson Fund
    • Gresham Prize in Pathology
    • Catherine Grigoriou-Theocarakis Prize
    • Grimshaw-Parkinson Fund
    • G. C. Grindley Fund
    • Grosvenor Fund
    • Kurt Hahn Prizes
    • Andrew Hall Fund
    • John Hall Fund
    • Hallam Fund and Prize
    • Hamilton Prize
    • Hare Prize
    • Harkness Scholarship
    • Harness Prize
    • Harnett Fund
    • Hartree and Clerk Maxwell Prizes
    • Hartwell Fund for Islamic Studies
    • William Harvey Fund
    • Sylvia Haslam Prize in Ecology
    • Hatton Philosophy of Life Sciences Fund
    • Stephen Hawking Endowment for Cosmological Research
    • Stephen Hawking Trust Fund
    • Desmond Hawkins Award
    • Hebrew Prizes
    • Margot Heinemann Prize
    • Heitland Fund
    • Heitland and William Aldis Wright Fund
    • John and Margaret Henderson Memorial Prize
    • Hibbitt Endowed Fund for Solid Mechanics
    • John Hickman Prize in Equine Studies
    • Professor Dame Elizabeth Hill Fund
    • Martin Hinds Travel Fund
    • History Professorship Fund
    • Charles H. and Anna M. Hodgkins Memorial
    • Winifred Georgina Holgate Pollard Memorial Prizes
    • Ivy Rose Hood Memorial Bursary Fund
    • Hort Memorial Fund
    • Raymond Horton-Smith Prize
    • Sir Albert Howard Travel Exhibition
    • Hughes Fund
    • Hulsean Fund
    • Humanitarian Trust Fund and Studentship
    • Humanitas Visiting Professorships Fund
    • Huppert Prize in Geophysics
    • Ibn Battutah Fund
    • Industrial Management Endowment Fund
    • David James Fund
    • Janeway Fund for Economics
    • Japanese Studies Fund
    • Jebb Fund
    • Jeremie Prizes
    • C. H. W. Johns Memorial Fund and Studentship
    • Jones Fund
    • Gareth Jones Prize
    • Jowett Fund
    • Judge Management Education Trust M.B.A. Prize for Management Analysis
    • Richard Kahn Fund
    • Kanthack Fund
    • Kaplanoff Fund
    • KAUST Fund for Biological Sciences
    • Kavli Institute Fund
    • Kaye Prize
    • Thomas Keeping Fund
    • Alexander James Keith Fund and Studentships
    • The Vincent and Brigid Keown Memorial Prize for Medical Law
    • Kermode Prize
    • Sir Hamilton Kerr Trust Fund
    • Kettle’s Yard Music Fund
    • Kettle's Yard Travel Fund
    • Keynes Fund for Applied Economics
    • J. M. Keynes Fellowships in Financial Economics
    • Milo Keynes Fund
    • Nita King Research Scholarship
    • Kuwait Foundation Fund
    • Kirby Laing Fund
    • Kirby Laing Fund for Civil Engineering
    • Kirby Laing Graduate Studentship Fund
    • Philip Lake Bequest
    • Charles Lamb Prize
    • Sir Walter Langdon-Brown Prize
    • Sir Perceval Maitland Laurence's Benefaction and Bequest
    • Hersch Lauterpacht Fund
    • Law Endowment Fund
    • Le Bas Fund
    • Jerry Lee Fund for Experimental Criminology
    • Dr S. T. Lee Public Policy Lecture Fund
    • Kennedy Leigh Fund for Modern Hebrew
    • Leverton Harris Fund
    • Benn W. Levy Fund and Studentship
    • Lewin Memorial Fund
    • Lewin Prize Fund
    • William Vaughan Lewis Fund and Prizes
    • Library Endowment Fund
    • Dr Lightfoot's Scholarships and Prize
    • Peter Lipton Fund
    • Peter Lipton Lectureship Fund
    • Littleton Chambers Prize for Labour Law
    • Michael Loewe Fund for Classical and Literary Chinese Studies
    • London Students Hardship Fund
    • George Long Prizes
    • Longsdon Trust Fund
    • Manuel Lopez-Rey Funds
    • Matt Low Fund
    • Hedley Lucas Fund
    • Lundgren Fund
    • Ellen McArthur Fund
    • Norman Maccoll Lectureship
    • MacCurdy Library Fund
    • D. M. McDonald Grants and Awards Fund
    • McLatchie Fund
    • Arnold McNair Scholarship Fund
    • Alasdair Charles Macpherson Fund
    • Maintenance Grants in Engineering Fund
    • Frederic William Maitland Memorial Fund
    • Peregrine Maitland Studentship
    • Management Studies in Engineering Fund
    • Management Studies Project Prize
    • Elizabeth Mann Fund
    • The Lady Margaret's Preachership
    • John Marks and Mulberry Trust Fund
    • Marlay Fund
    • Marr Memorial Fund
    • Alfred Marshall Fund and Lectureship
    • Kingsley Martin Memorial Fund
    • Mason Prize for Biblical Hebrew
    • The MathWorks Studentship
    • MAVA Fondation Fund for Conservation Leadership
    • Clerk Maxwell Memorial Fund
    • Clerk Maxwell Scholarship
    • Mayhew Prize
    • J. E. O. Mayne Fund
    • M.Chir. Distinction Prize
    • Ethel Measures Fellowship in Veterinary Medicine Fund
    • Medical Libraries Fund
    • Medieval Scandinavian History Fund
    • Mellon Fellowship Fund
    • Paul Mellon Fund
    • Paul Mellon Discretionary Fund
    • Members’ Classics Fund
    • Members’ English Fund
    • Members’ History Fund
    • Charles Hesterman Merz Fund
    • T. H. Middleton Fund
    • William Mills Library Acquisitions Fund
    • Graeme Minto Prize for Management Studies
    • Professor Joseph Mitchell Cancer Research Fund
    • Modern Hebrew Studies Fund
    • Modern Jewish Studies Fund
    • Rex Moir Fund
    • P. A. Molteno Fund
    • Mond Laboratory Endowment Fund
    • Mordell Lectureship Fund
    • Morien Morgan Prize
    • Morrell Fund and Lectureship
    • Roger Morris Prizes in Medicine and Surgery
    • Brita Mortensen Fund
    • Mary Euphrasia Mosley Fund
    • Mott Fund for Physics of the Environment
    • Mott Publication Fund
    • Thomas Mulvey Egyptology Fund
    • Munby Fund and Fellowship
    • Margaret Munn-Rankin Fund for Assyriology
    • Edith Mary Pratt Musgrave Fund
    • Walter Myers Fund
    • W. P. Napier Fund
    • Napier Shaw Fund
    • Sir George Nelson Prize in Applied Mechanics
    • Isaac Newton Fund and Studentships
    • Isaac Newton Institute Fund
    • Mau-sang Ng Prize
    • R. A. Nicholson Fund
    • Ralph Noble Prizes
    • A. D. Nock Fund
    • Richard Norman Scholarship Fund
    • Ronald Norrish Fund
    • Norrisian Prize
    • North Carolina State University Fund
    • Sara Norton Prizes
    • Norton Rose Fulbright Prize in Commercial Law
    • Charles Oldham Scholarships
    • Michelle Ong History Undergraduate Travel Fund
    • Ernest Oppenheimer Fund
    • Ord Travel Fund
    • Robin Orr Lectureship
    • Dorothea Oschinsky Fund
    • PHSA Engage Mutual Health Fund
    • Paediatric Fund
    • Paediatrics Prizes
    • Suzy Paine Fund
    • Parke-Davis Exchange Fellowship in Biomedical Sciences
    • Clive Parry International Law Prize Fund
    • Tesni Parry Memorial Fund
    • Passingham Fund and Prize
    • Department of Pathology Centenary Fund and Studentship
    • Pathology Endowment Fund
    • Pathology Prizes
    • Perceval Fund
    • Michael Perkins Fund
    • Dr Amanda Perreau-Saussine de Ezcurra Law Prize Fund
    • Prince Philip Scholarships Fund
    • Dame Bertha Phillpotts Memorial Fund
    • Philosophical MagazineFund
    • Philosophy Graduate Students Fund
    • Pigott Fund for Graduate Studentships in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
    • Alexander Pike Fund
    • Pinsent-Darwin Fund and Studentship
    • Politics Professorship Fund
    • Polonsky–Coexist Fund for Jewish Studies
    • Ronald Popperwell Memorial Fund
    • Porson Fund and Prize
    • Harry Porter Footlights Fund
    • David and Elaine Potter Fund for Governance and Human Rights
    • Prendergast Fund and Studentship
    • A. J. Pressland Fund
    • Gwynaeth Pretty Research Fund and Studentship
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers Prize in Economics
    • Prince Consort Prize and Thirlwall Prize
    • Edward S. Prior Fund
    • L. P. Pugh Medal
    • Gorley Putt Fund and Lectureship
    • Qualcomm European Research Studentship Fund in Technology
    • Quiller-Couch and T. R. Henn Fund
    • RIBA (Anderson and Webb) Scholarship for Architecture
    • Ra Jong-Yil Fund
    • Rabbinics Fund
    • Sir Leon Radzinowicz Criminological Fund
    • J. Arthur Ramsay Fund
    • Rapson Fund and Scholarship
    • Hans Rausing Fund
    • Rausing Fund for History and Philosophy of Science
    • Rawlinson Fund
    • Albert Reckitt Fund
    • Sir Robert Rede's Lectureship
    • Jennifer Redhead Prize
    • Henry Reitlinger Fund
    • Research Students Amenities Fund
    • Ricardo Prize
    • Richards Fund
    • David Richards Fund and Travel Scholarships
    • Ridgeway-Venn Travel Fund
    • Ritchie-Ginsburg Fund
    • Rivers Lectureship in Social Anthropology
    • A. W. Rymer Roberts Fund
    • B. B. Roberts Fund
    • D. W. Roberts Prize Fund
    • Rose Book-Collecting Prize
    • Holland Rose Studentship
    • Archibald Douglas Ross Fund
    • Henry Ling Roth Research Fund
    • Rouse Ball Lectureship
    • Rouse Ball Library Fund
    • Royal Aeronautical Society Prize in Aeronautics
    • Betha Wolferstan Rylands Prize
    • G. H. W. Rylands Fund
    • Raymond and Beverly Sackler Benefactions
    • F. S. Salisbury Fund
    • Harold Samuel Studentships
    • Sandars Readership in Bibliography
    • Sandys Fund and Studentship
    • Dr F. Sanger Fund
    • Scandinavian Studies Fund
    • Schiff Foundation
    • Schlumberger Complex Physical Systems Fund
    • Scholefield Prizes
    • Dr William M. Scholl Lectureship Fund
    • Schroders Book Fund for Japanese Studies
    • A.W. Scott Fund
    • Captain Scott Fund
    • Scott Polar Scholarship Fund
    • Seatonian Prize
    • Sedgwick Prize
    • Sedgwick Rough Fund
    • John Robert Seeley Lectureship in Political Thought
    • Seeley Medal
    • Alkis Seraphim Memorial Fund
    • Seven Pillars Studentship Fund
    • David Sexton Fund
    • Marmaduke Sheild Fund
    • Shell Fund for Chemical Engineering
    • Shore Fund for Language Teaching
    • Kathleen Madge Short Cancer Fund
    • Norman Douglas Simpson Memorial Fund
    • Sims Fund and Scholarship
    • Oreste and Florence Sinanide Fund and Scholarship
    • Morgan Sindall Prize
    • Manmohan Singh Bursary Fund
    • Sismey Fund
    • Quentin Skinner Prize Fund
    • Charles Slater Fund
    • Eliot Slater Prize in Psychiatry
    • Slaughter and May Prize
    • Frank Smart Studentship in Botany
    • Frank Smart Prizes
    • Adam Smith Prize Endowment Fund
    • Herbert Smith Prize in the Conflict of Laws
    • Herchel Smith Fellowship Fund
    • Herchel Smith Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry Fund
    • Herchel Smith Lectureship in Intellectual Property Law Fund
    • Herchel Smith Lectureships in Medicinal Chemistry Fund
    • Herchel Smith Medicinal Chemistry Fellowship and Studentship Fund
    • Herchel Smith Research Studentship and Research Fellowship Fund
    • Sheila Joan Smith Research Fund
    • Smith-Knight Prizes and Rayleigh-Knight Prizes
    • Smith System Engineering Prize
    • Smuts Memorial Fund
    • Sir Edward Snelson Fund
    • Robert M. Somers Prize
    • Ali Reza and Mohamed Soudavar Fund for Persian Studies
    • Ali Reza and Mohamed Soudavar Lectureship Fund
    • D. E. B. Soulby Fund
    • Spärck Needham Fund
    • Spencer Fund
    • Ron Spratling Fund
    • Squire Law Library Appeal Fund
    • Rebecca Flower Squire Fund
    • William Barclay Squire Fund
    • Stanton Lectureship in the Philosophy of Religion
    • Starbridge Lectureship Fund
    • Steel Theological Studentships
    • Leslie Stephen Lectureship
    • Stevenson Prizes
    • The John Stewart of Rannoch Hebrew Fund and Scholarships
    • The John Stewart of Rannoch Greek and Latin Fund and Scholarships
    • The John Stewart of Rannoch Sacred Music Fund and Scholarships
    • Graham Storey Fund
    • Strauss Fund
    • Study of Religion Fund
    • Department of Surgery Prize
    • Sweet and Maxwell Prize
    • C. T. Taylor Fund and Studentships
    • Teape Prize
    • Richard Tench Fund
    • Tennant Fund and Studentship
    • Thalmann Bequest
    • Theological Studies Fund
    • J. M. Thoday Fund
    • Henry Arthur Thomas Fund
    • Sir J. J. Thomson Fund
    • Tiarks German Scholarship Fund
    • J. B. Trend Fund
    • George Macaulay Trevelyan Fund and Lectureship
    • Trophoblast Research Fund
    • Nigel Trower Fund
    • Tudor Studentships in Financial Econometrics
    • H. A. Turner Prize
    • Turner and Newall Fellowships
    • Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholarships
    • Tyson Fund
    • UAC of Nigeria Travel Fund
    • Ukrainian Studies Endowment Fund
    • Ukrainian Studies Fund
    • Edward Ullendorff Semitic Philology Lecture Fund
    • Unilever Prize for Physical Chemistry
    • Van Geest Foundation Fund
    • Van Geest Foundation Fund for Brain Repair and Neuroscience
    • Ver Heyden de Lancey Fund
    • George and Marie Vergottis Fund
    • 3 Verulam Buildings Prizes
    • Vice-Chancellor’s Endowment Fund
    • Wace Medal
    • E. C. S. Wade Prizes
    • Sir William Wade Prize for Civil Liberties and Human Rights
    • Wakefield Book Fund for Criminology
    • Wakefield Fund and Scholarships
    • Waldmann Fund
    • John Lucas Walker Fund and Studentship
    • Robert Walker Prize in Surgery
    • Wallenberg Prize
    • Walston Fund
    • Walston Studentship
    • Walters Kundert Next Generation Chemistry Fellowships Fund
    • Walters Kundert Outreach in Chemistry Fund
    • Peter Warnock Fund
    • George Charles Winter Warr Scholarship
    • Hugh Watson Fund
    • Hanne and Torkel Weis-Fogh Fund
    • West Midlands Examinations Board Fund (WMEB Fund)
    • Whalley Prize
    • Whewell Trust Fund and Whewell Scholarships
    • Whipple Museum of the History of Science Conservation Fund
    • R.S. Whipple Fund
    • Sir Lionel Whitby Medal and Prize
    • Sir Lionel Whitby Memorial Fund
    • Tim Whitmore Geography and Zoology Funds
    • H. B. and Dorothy A. Whittington Fund
    • Whittle Lab Studentship Fund
    • Peter Whittle Fund
    • Gordon Wigan Fund
    • Anthony Wilkin Studentship in Ethnology and Archaeology
    • Professor Sir David Williams Fund
    • Sir David Williams Professorship of Public Law Fund
    • George Williams Prize
    • Glanville Williams Prize
    • Frederick Williamson Memorial Fund
    • Raymond and Edith Williamson Fund
    • Edward Wilson Memorial Funds
    • Judith E. Wilson Fund
    • Wilson-Barkworth Fund
    • Wiltshire Prize
    • John Winbolt Prize
    • Winchester Reading Prizes
    • Winton Fund for the Physics of Sustainability
    • Winton Fund for the Public Understanding of Risk
    • Neil Wiseman Fund
    • Wishart Fund
    • Bernard Wolfe Health Neuroscience Fund
    • Wolfson Fund for Industrial Co-operation
    • T. B. Wood Prize
    • Wood-Legh Prize
    • H.E. Woodman Fund and Prize
    • Wordsworth Fund and Studentships
    • Donald Wort Fund I
    • Donald Wort Fund II
    • Worts Travelling Scholars Fund
    • Wrenbury Scholarship Fund
    • The Wrenbury Scholarship Fund
    • Wright Studentship
    • Wright Rogers Scholarship Fund
    • Yasuda Trust and Banking Company Fund
    • Ghulam Yazdani Essay Prize Fund
    • Yorke Prizes
    • Olga Youhotsky, Catherine Matthews, and Irene Gore Fund and Prize
    • Thomas Young Medal
    • Sheikh Zayed Fund for Islamic Studies
    • Zoology Fund for Outstanding Contribution
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