Why I Want To Be A Link Crew Leader Essay

Strong communication skills* Willingness to lead* Strong sense of responsibility* Dependability* Willingness to take risks* Positive role model* Self-confident and self-directed* Respect for diverse ideas and personalities* ENTHUSIASM!!! 

  • You must be entering 11th or 12th grade to apply to be a Link Crew Leader.


1) Development Day (June)

2) Summer Training Day Date (late August)

3) Freshmen Orientation Date (late August)


In addition, you will be expected to participate in meetings and volunteer for events, as announced throughout the 2015-2016 school year.  


WHAT IS THE APPLICATION PROCESS? Please note that all chosen candidates must attend ALL mandatory Link Crew Leader events (above). This will be a competitive selection process with limited positions. We therefore encourage you to take the necessary time to thoughtfully complete the application. Accepted candidates will be invited to participate in a group interview. ***Please be advised that your attendance, including number of tardies to school, will be considered as part of your application. If you have a significant number of unexcused lates and/or absences from school, you may not be granted an interview. For returning leaders: The number of Link Crew Activities that you participated in during the previous school year will also be considered as part of your application. If you have any questions, please feel free to see one of our Link Crew Coordinators.


WHAT IS LINK CREW'S DISCIPLINE POLICY?  Please be advised that, as a Link Crew Leader, your behavior must always be that of a positive role model. Students who are referred for discipline issues (including tardiness to school) resulting in an assigned office detention, administrative (Wednesday) detention, or suspension may be removed from the program. This policy is in effect from the time you submit your application through, if selected, the term of your service as a Leader. If you have any questions about this policy, please see one of our Link Crew coordinators.


HOW DO I ACCESS THE APPLICATION? The application will be shared via email in the winter.


HOW MANY LINK CREW LEADERS ARE THERE AT GLHS?  The number of  Link Crew Leaders selected each year depends on the number of incoming 9th grade students we have each year. 

This year we received nearly 300 applications. It's tough to choose, but here they are, our 2013 Link Crew Scholarship Winners

Holly Scarlette
Chatham Central HS, NC

Post Graduation Plans: Holly will be studying Pre-Pharmacy at Campbell University this fall.

“Sometimes it is hard being an incoming freshman and not knowing what to expect, but I wanted to help make their transition easier by informing them about the many ways they could get involved through clubs and sports, as well as how to maintain their academics. Overall, I have always had a passion for helping others and through this program, I knew that I could do just that and impact others in a positive way.”

Mitchel Hiner
Hermantown HS, MN

Post Graduation Plans: Mitchel plans to attend the University of Minnesota, Duluth this fall and study Exercise Science.

“As a freshman, I benefited from and looked up to the Link Crew Leaders.  It was nice back then to have an upperclassman show me the ropes and make me feel comfortable.  So when I became an upperclassman, I wanted to do the same for the incoming freshman to make their transition easier.”

Stephanie Cortes
Watertown HS, CT

Post Graduation Plans: Stephanie will be studying Physical Therapy at Mount St. Mary’s University this fall.

“A leader is someone willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others and I can honestly say I'm that person. My views changed drastically. I used to always be judgmental and close minded; because of Link Crew I've learned to accept everyone for who they are and open my eyes to bigger things.”

Sam Larson
Chaparral HS, CO

Post Graduation Plans: Sam will be attending Kenyon College studying Psychology/Literature.

“The smallest actions you take for the good of others can still have an immeasurable impact. It isn’t hard to make an impact on another’s life. So try!”

Rachel Harner
Forks HS, WA

Post Graduation Plans: Rachel plans to attend Harvard University and major in English.

“Becoming a Link Crew Leader introduced me to a different type of leadership, one that stressed the importance of personal connections in facilitating change. In Link Crew, you get the opportunity to not only lead the freshman class, but to develop unique relationships with all the freshmen in your crew. The reason Link Crew is such a successful program is because it allows the one-on-one connections necessary to create a bond of trust and accountability.”

Zac Johnstone
Colonel By SS, ON, Canada

Post Graduation Plans: Zac will be attending the University of Ottawa in the Political Science and Public Administration Joint Honors Program

 “The most valuable lesson I learned [from Link Crew] was that people coming together can create a true movement and change lives. Our Link Crew Leaders were all extremely energetic people who cared about their school, and coming together, we were examples of how amazing a school can be when everyone is motivated and cares about their education, and their school as a whole. The most important lesson I learned, is that people have the power to create change on an unparalleled level.”

Autumn Gairaud
Waterford Kettering HS, MI

Post Graduation Plans: Autumn will be attending Central Michigan University working her way to a major in Spanish Secondary Education and minor in Leadership.

“I think I’ve always been a leader, but Link Crew has opened so many doors for me to make the difference I’ve wanted to make all along. I have learned so much about myself and what a good leader really is. Before Link Crew I always felt that to make a difference you had to do something huge. I thought you had to be the Class President or the Captain on the team, to actually be a leader. Now, I know anyone that wants to make a difference and has the motivation to do so, has the capability to lead. Link Crew has shown me that the smallest gestures can turn a day around, and cause a chain reaction of positivity. Link gave me the opportunity to turn my positive attitude and love for live into something that matters.”

Patrick Hollister
Ithaca HS, NY

Post Graduation Plans: Patrick will be studying either Pre-Med or Biology at Saint Anselm College next year.

“Before Link Crew I would not have called myself a leader. I always liked staying in my comfort zone when I was younger, and while I am still like that, I’m happy to have taken that step out of the zone to lead others. Having gone through the Link Crew program as a freshman and a Leader, I see how valuable being a leader can be. No one is too small to make a difference for someone, and I never realized that until I became a leader.”

Katelyn Whitman
Anzar HS, CA

Post Graduation Plans: Katelyn will be studying Communications at the University of San Diego this fall.

“Link Crew helped me improve my leadership and communication skills. Link Crew also helped me realize how valuable leadership skills are to me. I gained confidence as a result of my participation and I now feel that I have the ability to speak in front of various groups of people despite the wide range of perspectives and personalities. I also feel that I will continue to work to improve my communication and leadership skills, because those are some of the qualities needed to make a positive impact in this world.”

Erin Erdman
Little Falls Community HS, MN

Post Graduation Plans: Erin will be studying Psychology at Bemidji State University this fall.

“Before I joined Link I was most definitely not a leader at all. I was more of a shadow more of a follower. I was always afraid of being in charge and having people look up to me. but now that I have experienced Link Crew I love being a leader, I love being in charge of a group activity and I love having the freshman and other Link Crew Members looking up to me for help and advice.”


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