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How Globalization Affects Economics and Gender Issues

Globalization has great effects on different international relation issues. This paper aims to understand the negative and positive results of globalization on the economic status of nations and integrate the importance of these effects on gender issues. The rapid increase of transnational corporations and networks of production has been considered a trend in the process of economic globalization. However, in the recent years, globalization that pertains to economic trends of a country tends to neglect the role of women because of some factors. But with the rapid growth of production processes, there is a need for an increase in low cost labors in which women are now involved in these processes. Impacts of globalization on gender issues have mixed consequences. Globalization opened doors to a higher percentage of employment opportunities for women in global information, global communication, retail and tourism. Research shows that women account for a large number of job opportunities in manufacturing industries specifically on the export processing zones which are essential in manufacturing production. These opportunities gave access to women outside of the household and gain higher level of economic freedom which helps in the empowerment and become competitive in the global market economy.

Globalization on women and gender relations show a higher percentage of negative effects because they are being neglected nationally and internationally in terms of better opportunities in the market place. This is shown by the fact that women are hired to work in a highly stressful environment but not compensated well in terms of monetary and non monetary benefits. However, organizations such as the United Nations are taking steps to resolve these issues by implementing goals of macro-economics with social development but government should concentrate on integrating gender equality and development within the context of globalization.

Gender inequality and discrimination can affect women in a greater extent than men. In the globalization process, gender differences in terms of decision making and participation should be taken into account in order to achieve gender equality. It is very important to have a systematic monitoring on gender impact to achieve the goals of companies without sacrificing gender capabilities. Studies on the effects of gender relations and globalization are well documented for us to analyze the perspective of globalization and its effects to women in terms of their economic and social functions. However, it is still very important to have further research to evaluate the impact of globalization on other aspects of life which can influence gender relations and issues.

How to Write an Essay on Globalization

Theme Actuality

As a topic and concept, globalization has had tremendous on how the world runs today. Currently, people use products from manufacturers who are thousands of miles away, and this can be attributed to globalization. As a topic, it has earned its place in economics and business books. It is, therefore, ideal whenever teachers give students essays or test students on globalization. The tests not only help students to become better writers but also helps them understand how the world works. Therefore, it is necessary to include globalization as a topic in class.

How to Start an Essay on Globalization

Good essay writing is indeed challenging. Moreover, students often complain of the difficulty of introducing a topic. Starting an essay can be problematic, and this explains why a majority of students seek help with essay writing. Introductions are indeed the most important part of an essay because they not only reveal a writer’s focus but also determines whether the audience will read the entire article or not. Therefore, writers need to exercise caution and base their article or essay on research and facts.

Here are tips to help you start an essay on globalization:

  • Conduct exhaustive research on the topic under study.
  • Prepare an outline with all the points and arguments you wish to include in your essay.
  • If definitions are necessary, include them at the beginning of the essay. For example, provide the definition of globalization. While there is no problem in providing the dictionary definition, it is advisable to provide yours.
  • Narrow the scope of your topic or article. Avoid being general and providing vague information within your article.
  • Formulate a clear and appropriate thesis statement before you begin the essay. This will help you come up with the other supporting arguments.
  • Make the introduction of your essay brief and to the point. Do not include a lot of information within your introduction but provide enough information to keep your audience interested.

While it can be a challenge finding a decent starting point, it is not impossible. By following the above, writers can find or establish a suitable starting point.

How to Write Body Paragraphs for an Essay on Globalization

In the body section, writers are expected to include supporting arguments. These arguments build on the main argument or the thesis statement. Therefore, they should enrich or improve on what the writer chose or developed as their primary argument. In the body section, being detailed is highly advisable, and therefore, writers are encouraged to make their papers comprehensive. The purpose of research or the bulk of research work often helps to write or develop this section.

Here are tips to help you write an essay on globalization:

  • Use topic sentences. Each paragraph should highlight a specific point.
  • Be detailed and provide examples in your essay.

How to Conclude an Essay on Globalization

As an introduction, writing a conclusion can also be a challenge. Every conclusion should have or leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Writers should, therefore, consider the following tips to guide them in writing a conclusion for an essay on globalization:

  • Restate the thesis statement or main argument.
  • Provide a summary of the main arguments you provided in the body section.
  • Emphasize the main idea or the specific thing or issue you need your audience to remember after reading your essay.

Outline Sample

Outlines are important because they make a writer’s work easier. Essay writing can be a daunting task, but writers often make it simple by creating an outline before they begin the writing process.

Below is a sample of an outline of an essay on globalization:

Describe the social as well as cultural indicators or manifestations of globalization


  • Definition of globalization.
  • Brief background information on the topic.
  • Thesis statement. For example, Globalization has indeed been at the forefront of social and cultural change. The world has seen significant shifts in how people communicate and pass information, the internationalization of some services, as well as the dramatic impact in popular culture.


  • Expound on the shifts in communication mechanisms.
  • Internationalization of services.
  • The borrowing as well as spread of popular culture.


  • Restate the thesis statement.
  • Summarize the essay’s main points.
  • Highlight the importance or the impact of globalization on the social and cultural platforms of society.
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