Mendeley Bibliography Manager Freeware

Using Mendeley: The Basics

To benefit fully from Mendeley, you'll need to use both the desktop and web applications.

Desktop Basics
The desktop version is great for managing a library of PDFs. Simply drag-&-drop PDFs into the desktop client tool while Mendeley extracts the citation information. Once PDFs are stored in Mendeley, the desktop application enables/supports simple annotation, note taking, highlighting and viewing. The PDF library, including notes, are a searchable library too.

Web Basics
The web application is great for accessing your library from any computer and for downloading citations when searching database. When downloading references from the web, simply use the bookmarklet to import the citation. The web application is also great for networking with other researchers with similar interests or for discovering research articles that others have imported.

Adding References into Mendeley

You can add a reference to Mendeley a few different ways.

1. You can drag-&-drop a PDF from your own library into the Mendeley client. Mendeley will automatically pull the metadata information from the PDF giving you the complete citation. Once the PDF is in Mendeley, you can highlight, annotate, and cite the article.

2. Using “Add Entry Manually”, you can Copy & Paste the PMID or the DOI into the appropriate field, click the magnifying glass icon, and  the record will be added to your library.

3. If you’re doing research you can simply click on the “Mendeley Bookmarklet” on your browser to import the citation information.


3. You can easily import a library into Mendeley from another software such as Endnote, Refman, or Zotero. Mendely can import BibTeX, RIS and EndNote™ XML files.


PDFs: Read and Annotate

With Mendeley, you can tag, annotate, highlight, and add sticky notes onto each PDF document.

You can export a PDF from Mendeley with the annotations, notes, and highlighting all saved. This is a great feature allowing you to read your marked-up PDF on your mobile device, computer or in print.

Creating Bibliographies

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