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...There is always room for a few jokes and laughter in life. In addition, my grandmother has also taught me that I am never too old to laugh my heart out and have a humorous time in life, before it runs out. I am also able to laugh at myself if I do something embarrassing or stupid. Life is a learning process, so I might as well make it worthwhile and amusing with some laughter. When I was younger, I used to try to be as stubborn as my parents, especially when I was upset or angry. I would convince them that I would be mad forever with my pouty face and heavy feet stomping through the floor. I was wrong, of course. In the next five minutes I would be giggling nonstop under the ticklish touch of my dad, as he mesmerized my body into a burst of flailing, cackling, playful motions. By then, I could not even recall what I had been bothered about. Sometimes, I would come inside balling my eyes out after scraping my knee. Glad to go through the process again, my dad sincerely asks, “Do you want me to call the hospital?” After I nodded my head in response, he would bellow as loud as he could, “HOSPITAL!” Eventually, I gave up explaining that he needed to use the telephone; laughing at his silly behavior and forgetting about my busted knee. I adore my dad for constantly keeping my life pleasurable and upbeat. Even now, as a moody teenager, I am never miserable for long. My dad will always be there to break my angry spirit with giggles and...

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Charlie Chaplin once said "a day without laughter is a day wasted." People have long said that laughter is the best medicine, and we know now of its many positive physiological effects. Laughter is known to reduce pain, reduce stress, increase our body's resistance to disease and improve the function of blood vessels and increase blood flow, which can help protect us against a heart attack and other cardiovascular problems. Laughter can also help us burn calories. There is plenty of evidence on why we should laugh, so why don't we?

Dr. Madan Kataria, a physician in India, developed an exercise known as laughter yoga in the '90s. He was doing a research on an article about laughter being the best medicine, when he got the idea. He started a laughter club, where people gathered in a park and just laughed for no rhyme or reason. The concept of laughter yoga is based on the observation that our body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter. We do not need to be happy or hear something funny, we can just laugh and still get the same physiological and psychological benefits. What started as five people in a park has now spread to thousands of laughter clubs in more than 50 countries.

So take a moment today, check out from your life and just laugh. Laugh for absolutely no reason at all.

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