Advantages Growing More Trees Essay

Importance of trees in our life is same as our family. Trees are important source of oxygen and natural air filters. Trees are natural water conversations and filters. Trees are the source of food, fruits for animals, birds and humans. Trees are home for birds. Trees are play-field for kids, birds and monkeys. Trees are natural exercising and practising tools for young India. Trees are important for environment, economic, social and personal development.

Importance of Trees as a source of oxygen and life

You can understand the importance of trees by analysing the importance of oxygen. As you know we can’t live without oxygen for 3 minutes so we need to keep planting new trees. You can see the values of trees by understanding the water in our life. We can’t live without water for 3 days so we need trees. The reasons to save and grow more plants and trees because we can’t live without food for 3 weeks. Trees are capable to prevent erosion of soil and mud flow. That’s why many farmers grow beautiful trees around the farm.

Trees are the basis of healthy life

Trees are our family member and they play a great role in the protection from pollution. More trees mean less pollution from the increased levels of carbon dioxide, CFCs, and other pollutants in the earth. We can live longer because trees remove pollution and deliver fresh air to the lungs. Trees are playing great role in medical and medicines. The tree is the basis of healthy life.

Trees are our inspiring teacher

Kids and students become more intelligent learning under trees or on the trees. Trees give fruits for hungry kids when they are coming to home especially in villages. Breaking away hanging fruit on the trees is very funny for kids. I was the part of all such tree of things in my childhood. Trees are our teachers. We can learn many things from trees and plants to become valuable for country, society and enjoyable for kids.

Trees are our best friends

Trees played very important role in my life. Trees are one of my best inspiring friends. I learned lessons about trees from my father. Regular watering to plants, sun light, and root optimisation etc. I was automatically good to climb trees in my childhood. There were various funny and scary situations when I climb on trees. It will be story for another day with trees. But you can see many children today in villages have good relationship with trees. Kids, monkey’s, birds love to play around trees. You can see such things in the farm, garden and forest.

Trees are the solution of happiness

Teacher can teach values and benefits of trees more in the garden and forest. It’s really important to teach students around the world practically about the benefits and values of trees. Schools and communities often take parts in such environment development activities. Nature is more beautiful than materialistic things. Materialistic things can be useless in certain point of times. Materialistic items and activities give us temporary pleasure. But nature, trees and plants give us amazing human life to live.

Trees are provide peace of mind

You can test the importance of trees. Just live the life close to the nature or around plants and trees for one day. And see the amazing difference in your thoughts and power in your body. Professionals often enjoy the beauty by visiting or travelling to hill stations or wild life places. Such as in Himachal Pradesh is one of the beautiful state of India to travel in the nature. You can travel in trees and hill stations in Himachal Pradesh.

Trees are important to save and plant for economic development

Supporting wildlife and trees help in economic development.  Trees provide economic benefits for farmers and villagers.  There are thousands of business is running today in this world because of trees and plants. The reasons of economic development because trees and plants provide material for furniture, rubber, herbal and medicines, fruits, fuel etc. They have uncountable benefits and values trees provide to every living and non-living things on this planet. It’s all about save life by planting new trees and plants. Life is possible without Internet but not without Trees and plants.

Trees increase air quality and prevent soil erosion

Tree and nature is facing crisis nowadays.  Pollution level is increased. Trees are going less and pollution and population is growing. Here you can check the air pollution of your state or city. Air pollution is increased to due to various things. Such as Industrialisation, land erosion to roads, garbage burning and traffic pollution etc. are impacting trees and environment very badly. We need environmental industrialisation policies from governments. We need to save plants to prevent soil erosion. We need to grow more plants for increase air quality.

Value of outdoor and Indoor trees

But society is also moving towards indoor plants. There are air purifiers to improve the air quality inside house. People want to give good healthy environment for their family member so they are looking to buy indoor plants and air purifier. This can be a good practice to live. But according to this it is looking in future that our generation is not going outside house.  Everything today you can do at home. From home based business to remote jobs, online degrees and courses, social media (new society), so the educated society thinking that they can live without plants. Internet is also impacting society. So, we’re becoming less natural and more artificial. Such as artificial smiles and love emoticons. So, trees are really in needed care and love.

Trees are part of our family

We need to understand the importance of nature and trees because this is our family. We are nature. We’re part of nature. Trees, plants, animal, humans all we are grouped in this world by God as a family. Is it duty of God to save plants and save our life? No! It’s our duty to treat trees like a family member.

But we can do important things to save trees and nature. Parents can guide about plants and trees at home. Also they can inspire them by planting new trees. Students can visit farm, garden along with teachers to learn about the environment. Government can also expand environmental budget. We can participate in environmental development activities with society and NGO’s. We can also spread the awareness about trees and plantation on social media. Plantation of new trees should be mandatory for industrial industries or manufactures who produce more pollution in the air and water. It can be like they have to plant 100 trees each year and they have to show growth report with photos and videos. People also need to support environmental initiatives of NGO’s, Government policies, and communities working in the plantation of new trees, protections and environment awareness. Etc.

Not all think about trees equally. And not all care about nature. But there are various people, communities and schools really doing great job in trees development. We all have to support and need to protect trees.

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Trees are vital. As the biggest plants on the planet, they give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife. They also provide us with the materials for tools and shelter.

Not only are trees essential for life, but as the longest living species on earth, they give us a link between the past, present and future.

It’s critical that woodlands, rainforests and trees in urban settings, such as parks, are preserved and sustainably managed across the world.

Play your part and adopt the trees in the Royal Parks today.

Trees benefit health

The canopies of trees act as a physical filter, trapping dust and absorbing pollutants from the air. Each individual tree removes up to 1.7 kilos every year. They also provide shade from solar radiation and reduce noise.

Over 20 species of British trees and shrubs are known to have medicinal properties. The oil from birch bark, for example, has antiseptic properties.

Research shows that within minutes of being surrounded by trees and green space, your blood pressure drops, your heart rate slows and your stress levels come down.

Trees benefit the environment

Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow and the carbon that they store in their wood helps slow the rate of global warming.

They reduce wind speeds and cool the air as they lose moisture and reflect heat upwards from their leaves. It’s estimated that trees can reduce the temperature in a city by up to 7°C.

Trees also help prevent flooding and soil erosion, absorbing thousands of litres of stormwater.

Trees boost wildlife

Trees host complex microhabitats. When young, they offer habitation and food to amazing communities of birds, insects, lichen and fungi. When ancient, their trunks also provide the hollow cover needed by species such as bats, woodboring beetles, tawny owls and woodpeckers.

One mature oak can be home to as many as 500 different species. Richmond Park is full of such trees, which is one of the reasons it has been designated a National Nature Reserve and Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Trees strengthen communities

Trees strengthen the distinctive character of a place and encourage local pride. Urban woodland can be used as an educational resource and to bring groups together for activities like walking and bird-watching. Trees are also invaluable for children to play in and discover their sense of adventure.

Trees grow the economy

People are attracted to live, work and invest in green surroundings. Research shows that average house prices are 5-18% higher when properties are close to mature trees. Companies benefit from a healthier, happier workforce if there are parks and trees nearby.

Trees protect the future

Soon, for the first time in history, the number of people with homes in cities will outstrip those living in the countryside. Parks and trees will become an even more vital component of urban life. We must respect them and protect them for the future.

Adopt a tree today if you think trees are important too!

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