Operational Excellence In Manufacturing Case Study

We are proud to offer our BTOES Insights community with access to the very best Award-Winning Examples of Successful Operational Excellence from the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards, 2017. You can learn more about the awards here. Click below for access to our Award-Winning entry for Best Achievement of Operational Excellence in Manufacturing from Johnson Controls.

The Operational Excellence Manufacturing Project

Johnson Controls launched a Manufacturing Excellence Strategy in 2013 to achieve its vision of becoming the most operationally capable company in the world. The centerpiece of the strategy, which was developed by a global cross business unit team, is the Johnson Controls Manufacturing System (JCMS).

The system has four foundations:

  • Customer focus
  • Stable production environment
  • Zero tolerance for waste
  • Organize around pull

Alongside this, The Johnson Controls Manufacturing System bears nine principles that provide a comprehensive model with clear roadmaps for engaging employees, driving manufacturing excellence and growing the business via One Johnson Controls Way of manufacturing.


The Strategy for Achieving Operational Excellence

Enabling dimensions of the strategy to achieve Operational Excellence in their manufacturing plants include: an Operations Academy; a web application for assessing a baseline, establishing action plans and real-time reporting of progress; high performance teams that empower the shop floor and hold it accountable for improvement; regional subject matter experts in the nine principles; business partners that plant managers can tap for coaching/assistance; an enterprise support team; and an incentive structure.

JCMS was introduced to all business unit operations leaders responsible for the company’smore than 300 plants around the globe in September 2014. After initial deployment, the company piloted an Operational Excellence acceleration phase in 2015 that focused on building manufacturing capabilities, implementing quick wins and removing waste in one model line to demonstrate results and to drive adoption of JCMS, leading by example.

The plants that have made the greatest progress adopting JCMS have set a great example of Operational Excellence achieved in manufacturing, having demonstrated significant improvements in safety, quality, productivity, and delivery, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and employee engagement.



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