Qualities Of A Good Teacher Essay In Urdu

Qualities of a Good Teacher


You have the ability to bond with your students, to understand and resonate with their feelings and emotions. To communicate on their level. To be compassionate with them when they are down and to celebrate with them when they are up. It is really your students who make you a good teacher because it is their reaction to your actions that confirm your skills. 

Positive Mental Attitude

You are able to think more on the positive and a little less on the negative. To keep a smile on your face when things get tough. To see the bright side of things. To seek to find the positives in every negative situation. To be philosophical. To see the good in your young people. To be a light.

Open to Change

You are able to acknowledge that the only real constant in life is change. You know there is a place for tradition but there is also a place for new ways, new ideas, new systems, and new approaches. You don't put obstacles in your way by being blinkered and are always open and willing to listen to others' ideas. Help your young people embrace change.

A great Role Model

You are the window through which many young people will see their future. Be a fine role model as a lot of young people don't have anyone to look up to in this role. You could be the most important person in their life. Role models. 


You are able to motivate your students by using creative and inspirational methods of teaching. You are different in your approach and that makes you stand out from the crowd. Hence the reason why students enjoy your classes and seek you out for new ideas. Great teachers are always thinking of new ways to do things. Creative Ideas. 

Sense of Humour

You know that a great sense of humour reduces barriers and lightens the atmosphere especially during heavy periods. An ability to make your students laugh will carry you far and gain you more respect. It also increases your popularity. Come down to their level, tell jokes, funny stories, be human and self-deprecating. Use lateral thinking to get them integrated. 

Excellent Presentation Skills

You know that your students are visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learners. You are adept at creating presentation styles for all three. Your body language is your main communicator and you keep it positive at all times. Like a great orator you are passionate when you speak. But at the same time you know that discussion and not lecturing stimulates greater feedback. Check out NLP Rapport skills. 


You know that the aggression, negative attitudes and behaviours that you see in some of your students have a root cause. You know that they are really scared young people who have come through some bad experiences in life. This keeps you calm and in control of you, of them and the situation. You are good at helping your students de-stress. Teach them how to be calm using breathing and meditation. 


You know that no one is more important in the world than anyone else. You know that everyone has a place in the world. You respect your peers and your students. Having that respect for others gets you the respect back from others. 


You know that you can change a young person's life by helping them to realise their potential, helping them to grow, helping them to find their talents, skills and abilities. A good teacher always has many resources from which to choose. Go here for Inspirational Tools. 


You are passionate about what you do. Teaching young people is your true vocation in life. Your purpose in life is to make a difference. You can and will change lives. Many young people will go on to be great teachers just like you. 

Willing to Learn

You are willing to learn from other teachers AND your students. Although knowledgeable in your subject you know that you never stop learning. Continually thank your students for teaching you things you didn't know about - their world. 

Offers the hand of Friendship

Give your young people friendship. Shake their hands to congratulate them. Do to them what you would do with your friends. Send them a birthday card. Share your bag of sweets. Talk to them on their level. Be a shoulder. Listen to them. Bond with them. 


To be resilient you must be stress free. You must exercise, eat the correct diet with the correct nutrition and meditate or at least free your mind of thoughts for at least 20 mins per day. Stress information.


Create a Daily To Do List for tomorrow before you leave work. Be prepared and have contingencies. Thinks one step ahead. Know who, why, what, where, when and how. 


Know what to do when unexpected things happen. Run Lateral Thinking Quizzes. Tell jokes. Perform Magic Tricks. Utilise your creativity. 

Qualities of a Good Teacher

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    Other Qualities of a Good Teacher from our visitors

should know their subject and make the lesson interesting
should be a good listener too
should give boundaries and be firm and fair
should be able to install confidence in their class
will be able to make their class feel at ease
will remain calm


A great teacher has to be knowledgeable, confident, caring and sharing, fair to all students and well-organized too.

Musaad/U.S. Minor Outlying Islands


Agood teacher should be a positive role model



A Good Teacher shall also be a perpetual Student and should be able to make learning a pleasent experience. He should teach Students to face a crisis with a SMILE. He should be able to Inspire students to succes.
Dr Keshav/India


Just be yourself and try to level with the learners needs and yours. Have self confidence.

Kedibone/South Africa


A good teacher must be smart. He/She should wear clothes which are clean and acceptable by the social standards.
Mr Mbise Uless


A good teacher should see him/herself as a steward. He/She should be ready to give account of his/her stewardship. And, is a resource person.



A great teacher is the one who is always willing to help his/her students. They are the ones that don't stop teaching when the bell rings.


They reach out to students after class. They know that some need extra attention or assistance, and they don't act like it's not their job.


They take that job seriously and know they aren't just employed to get students to be able to do higher math, but do well in life.


They realize that achievement isn't just a good grade on a test, but a feeling of accomplishment with mastering a subject; they are willing to work with a student for that feeling.


Knowledge of his subjects
Pace instructor
Good communication skills


A great teacher can't be anything but GENUINE in whatever he/she does.


A good teacher is armed with a positive outlook on life and witnesses the moment when a student finally grasps the essence of a new idea


Be kind and have a passion to teach the children
Yape Anna Liza E/Philippines


Whoever a teacher is, he is to remain a teacher who the learner relies on during hard times (the psychological factor) . This helps strengthening teacher-student relationship (motivational factor) leading to great results in the learning process.
Mr. Redouane SAADI/Algeria


Great teacher should utilize tools at hand to help accomplish tasks that seem weary. Give your pupils inspiration to succeed.
Ugretkz Nejkavit/Russia


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Qualities of a Good Teacher

According to RD Oloroiye in his paper title the status of a great teacher a teacher is

1. is a friend
2.a subject specialist
3.is a co worker with God in guidance
4. is a role model for a child to copy
5. is a personification of real child
shamsuddeen gimba ya'u/Nigeria


Loving and enthusuastic.


A teacher should be energetic, enthusiastic and equitable towards the students. He should be creative and imaginative in arranging the different available means according to the needs of the pupils.


A great teacher is a person who leads by examples:through his thoughts and actions. He is one who possess the humility to accept the need to rediscover and reinvent himself as and when necessary in addressing the inquisitiveness of his students. He has the capacity to mentor the students in removing the disconnect between the ivory tower of theories and the down to earth problems of our life.


..... should be always fully prepared before going to the class.

Should always have a positive attitude and should always be ready to help students with all their needs.

Should plan lessons according to the curriculum expectations with well-planned, full of excitement, interest, knowledge, needs and fun.


......is like a Backbone of students who supports them tenderly.


....... is creative and calm.

Jhun Ambat/Phillipines


Qualities of a Good Teacher

An excellent teacher will not just inspire but their student will want to exhaust their own capabilities - TO INSPIRE!!


A ......can be anyone, but a great teacher can take their student beyond their own expectations they can show them that the only boundaries we have are the ones we set on ourselves.We as teachers must be the cheerleader for every subject we teach we must energize our student to open their minds to learn and go beyond boundaries.
Patricia/United States


..... has to apply knowledge of different professions such as nurse, lawyer, judge, accountant, mechanic, psychologist, counselor etc.because it is needed many times in the field of teaching and they must be prepared to implement such knowledge. A good teacher must be open to constructive criticism.


....is an authority, a friend, a buddy, a clown, an entertainer, a nurse, a psychologist, a mother, a counsellor and of course a teacher..


Teacher shouldn't be a teacher but he must remain as a student whole life. Always smile on face, Pleasant & sweetly talk with every one.


Good teachers make good students whereas bad students will make bad teachers.


.....is one who is knowledgeable, polite, helpful and possess a fine sense of humour.
Rabia/Pakistan A good teacher uses different modes of teaching


........ provides meaningful experiences to his/her students and touch their lives, leaving with them a legacy.


...... is a Good student. Mushtaq Hussan/Pakistan


....... is like a light-house which shows the right path to people in darkness" Lourmie/Phillipines


...... is a good person.Carl.Crash


........ is always :

T = Truthful E = Encouraging A = Available C = Creative H = Hopeful E = Enthusiastic R = Ready

God bless all good teachers!


Qualities of a Good Teacher

...... is one who never give up teaching to different type of children, be it slow learner or even disability child. A teacher is like a candle which consumates itself to light the way for all kind of children. She/He must be willing to learn and upgrade continuosly in order to teach the children as well as learn and develop herself/himself.



...... is a master strategist, an innovator, a resource base, a catalyst for change and a mind builder. prashant kumar dewangan/India A good teacher is love and appreciates of her/his profession. and honest and sincere of her/his profession. A good teacher should always commands and be expert of own subject.
Farah Naz/Pakistan


approachable, knowledgeable, skillful, open -minded, optimistic, cheerful, refined, creative, passionate and loving.




A good teacher thinks more of her students and less about herself...takes no rest till her learners become self-confident achievers.


A good teacher is a master strategist, an innovator, a resource base,a catalyst for change and a mind builder.


A good teacher should be sincere, committed caring , source of confidence , inspirational , friendly and of course good communicator having command over his subject.
Anwar Jalal/Paskistan


A good teacher should be resourceful. He leads his students to find out their potentials and manage these potentials to become a good member of the larger society. Africanus/Nigeria


A good teacher should be: approachable, knowledgeable, skillful, open -minded, optimistic, cheerful, refined, creative, passionate and loving. Vivian/Phillipines


Qualities for a good teacher: Walking side by side with clear verbal communication, effective body language is another quality a good teacher requires.


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A good teacher is not to give pupil knowledge, but also help them to undestand the world around them.


Qualities of a Good Teacher

A good teacher should be slow to anger.a teacher who pretends to be first at anger only shows how incompetent he/she is.furthermore his/her learners will be more fearful and secret compared to the normal situation whereby learners are expected to be open and enjoy the learning process.



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    Some of my school teachers make me feel like a shit-head dumb-ass stupid child who's can do nothing although I always top in my institute in which the level of education is 2 grade higher. I hate those teachers who don't care about their students. They play with our feelings and emotions. Most of the students are cowards. They just keep depressing themselves and don't have enough courage to revolt against those unworthy teachers. All of those students feel bad but still they keep calm and keep depressing themselves. I still have done many things alone but that couldn't change that lady's evil mind. I'm feeling so helpless.

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    Don't hate school because your teachers aren't willing to do their job!!! Find other teachers, even students. Your education is like a rose: if you tend to it, it will grow and blossom. But if you leave it alone, it will wither away and die.

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    T- Talent

    E- Educational Qualifications

    A - Analytical power

    C - Character

    H - Honesty

    E - Efficient

    R- Rationalist

    Then only, he is a best teacher

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    India is celebrating 5th September of every year since 1962 as 'Teacher's Day', whereas, UNESCO started to celebrate 'World Teacher's Day' from 1994 (October 5th every year).

    I am from India, and in India 'Teaching' is still considered as a 'Noble' profession. A great respect is given to those who are in Teaching profession.

    In our mythology, it is said that when 'God' and 'Teacher' are standing together, one has to wish his Teacher first then God (Teacher has more respect than God). Teacher has to carry a great responsibilities on their shoulders as they has to build good and responsible citizens of their countries.

    It is once said that 'a mother is the first teacher of her child.' But, now the things have been changed so dramatically that a working mother has not much time to look after her child, what she can teach them. And, to teach all good manners and behaviors are now the responsibilities of a teacher to teach them (child).

    Your article is indeed very impressive and it will help the person to get motivate and improve their 'Duties' as a Teacher.

    Thank You

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    Excellent. Keep it up. We all are highly influenced by our reacher. In fact they reflect in our achievements. I think a teacher should also have few more qualities. One is that he should influence students so that they can recognize their strenghts and weakness. He should make them realize with regard to their future roles and responsibilities.

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    There are many important characteristics that distinguish a good teacher from a bad one. These also apply to tutors. This is the main reason as to why in addition to the characteristics mentioned above, I also gauge the level of patience that a tutor has whenever I enlist Vancouver tutoring services for my kids. I came across a website that I find to be very useful for those who want more information about this subject: http://mygradebooster.com/vancouver-tutors-princip...

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    Great point about "being a good listener".

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    @iheartkafka: Thank you for your contribution. Passion and true commitment are seriously some of the most important aspects.

    @Sriparna: Thank you. It is always a great honor to have an experienced teacher coming at this hub. I do agree with you. Motivation is something that I forgot to add - though, I should have. Thank you for your valuable input :)

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    Very well organized and all the important qualities of a good teacher wonderfully assembled into one hub. I am a teacher, passionate about my profession, so I can truly feel each of the points you have mentioned. I couldn't take the poll as I thought all the qualities are equally important. Another point I would like to add: Show your concern to the students by acting, not just by words, call them individually if you think they are not performing and ask the problems; give them extra help when needed; tell them that they have great potential and also appreciate them for instances when they teach you something and you learn about recent technologies which they are so smart at. I have learnt so much from my students that I am evolving as a better teacher everyday, yet to become a great one, but on my journey! Thanks for sharing!

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    Great list. I would also add a true passion. Passion for not only one's content area but educating kids, too. As we know, teaching (and ALL that it entails) is not easy; it takes a certain drive for one to stay truly committed to the field.

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    Succintly done. You have captured many of the good traits a teacher needs here. I like the little nuggets of inspirational quotes and explanatory notes under each characteristic. well done!

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    @femmaflashpoint: It is so glad to hear that you have such a big space in your heart for your beloved teachers. It is indeed a great blessing to have a good teacher in your life. This is a tribute to all of them; anywhere in the world. May God bless them all!

    Thank you for stopping by :)

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    Hunbbel, I couldn't do the 'vote' box. I needed to click more than one answer.

    This is a great hub, and one of the reaons I enjoyed it so much is ... I was blessed with spectacular teachers!

    That they were smart, was only a small part of the reason I think that. Not only were they smart (the ones I deemed spectacular), but, they were sensitive and inspiring!

    They saw past the designer clothes, or the shabby clothes, and went straight for the heart of their students. They inspired them to be better tomorrow than they were today. They recognized their strengths and and added to them, as well as deciphering their weaknesses and provided extra attention and tools to help them overcome.

    I still love teachers, and several of mine still keep in touch with me, even the ones from way back in grammar school.

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  • Syed Hunbbel Meer 6 years agofrom Karachi, Pakistan.

    @Ihchan: Best of luck. I hope this little effort of mine will produce good results for you and your kids :)

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    @Sueswan: Thank you so much. Your comment made my day :) Be blessed.

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    I wish I had you as a teacher when I was going to school.

    "If speaking is silver; then listening is gold."

    This is so true.

    Someone may possess knowledge or even have expertise but that does not make them a good teacher. The characteristics you describe do.

    Voted up up and away.

  • Syed Hunbbel Meer 6 years agofrom Karachi, Pakistan.

    @anglnwu: Thank you for you comment and appreciation.

    And yes you are absolutely right: when you find a good teacher, you find gold. :)

  • Syed Hunbbel Meer 6 years agofrom Karachi, Pakistan.

    @gekeye: Very good point. Highly appreciable. Thank you

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    Great tips. A good teacher is hard to find and when you find one, you find gold. It's invaluable. Thanks for sharing.

  • gekeye 6 years ago

    More importantly, teachers--paticularly at the high school level where I teach--must be able to relate every lesson to everyday life. We should be able to tell students every single day how that particular content, process or both will benefit them once they leave school and hopefully become the critical thinking, productive citizens we want them to be.

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  • Syed Hunbbel Meer 6 years agofrom Karachi, Pakistan.

    @Acsutliff: I totally agree with you. A teacher helps the students to discover their own ways, thoughts and motivate them to develop mentally with utmost confidence. Without, the things you mentioned, it is not possible.

  • Syed Hunbbel Meer 6 years agofrom Karachi, Pakistan.

    @writer20: Good teachers are really an asset in our life, and a blessing. They help is so many ways that we discover in various patches and passages of our lifetime. Congratulations for having such wonderful teachers in your life.

  • ACSutliff 6 years ago

    I agree with you that who you are as a person often affects who you are as a teacher, too. The best teachers are good people at heart. Above and beyond that, I think good teachers let students explore and discover instead of just tell tell tell, and they let the students do most of the talking. There's more to it than that, but if you do those two things, you are on your way to a discovery-based classroom that will engage your students.

  • Joyce Haragsim 6 years agofrom Southern Nevada

    I still remember two of my great teachers, one taught Geography and the History. The history teacher also taught my mother, eldest sister however she retired before my kid sister arrived there. These two made themsleves available to all when ever there was a need.

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